Social Media Platform X Reportedly Suffers a Global Outage Again

Social media platform X reportedly suffers a global outage again. The said outage in question affected many countries all over the world including the likes of the US, Canada, and India.

X Suffers Global Outage

X Suffers Global Outage

The social media platform, X, which is formerly known as Twitter, reportedly suffered an outage worldwide for close to an hour on Thursday.

People making use of X, which as you should know is owned by Elon Musk, were not able to go about their business on the platform or to view their regular posts or their timelines, but were instead reportedly greeted with a message that said: “Welcome to X!”

The Web outage reporting site Downdetector in question showed a spike in reports at about 12:40 a.m. ET on Thursday, with several complaints highlighting problems on both the app as well as the website. In the United States, over 74,000 people reported problems, while in the United Kingdom close to 7,000 filed reports on the website. Downdetector for those that don’t know tracks outages by simply aggregating status reports from user-submitted reports on its website as well as other sources which is inclusive of Twitter.

X’s Response to the New Development

X when asked for request for comment on the matter did not respond immediately.

X Since Musk’s Takeover

Social media platform X lets users to share text, photos, and even videos, as “posts” (previously known as tweets) with their fans or followers. Musk reportedly purchased Twitter for $44 billion in the just previous year, and then renamed the popular microblogging platform to X, along with also introducing a slew of significant changes. Those changes in question included laying off half the staff, changing moderation as well as verification policies, and even unbanning extremist accounts.

The firm had relied on advertising as an important revenue driver for the company, but that business in question has been in steady decline ever since the takeover of Musk.



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