Task Manager Is Finally Getting a Search Bar In The Future

Task manager is finally getting a search bar in the future, a future windows 11 update to be precise. With this, you can now easily search for that process that is always slowing down your PC.

Task Manager Is Finally Getting a Search Bar In The Future

Task Manager Is Finally Getting a Search Bar In The Future

After so many years of trying to locate the app that has been slowing down your PC in a long list, Task manager is now getting a search bar in a reported upcoming windows 11 update. And with this, you can now easily and quickly type in the very app in question and then close it.

This at the moment according to Windows Latest is a hidden feature in the Insider builds that will allow you to test out features that may or may not appear in a future update for everyone.

A search bar in Task Manager is however something that so many people have been requesting for a long time now, so we do not expect this to disappear anytime soon. With that being said, this is proof of how Microsoft is taking a look at the tinnier details in its existing apps in order to cut down on the frustrations many people have had across windows in the last couple of decades.

Task Manager Is Majorly the ‘Cure All’ Of Windows Problems

Task Manager is majorly the ‘cure all’ of windows problems and issues where you can just go in by pressing CTRL + ALT + DELETE, or simply by right-clicking on the taskbar, and from there you can monitor the resource use of your system or force stop an application that has become unresponsive.

It is only in the 2022 update that was released back in September of this year that the Task Manager saw an upgrade in its design to match with the overall look of windows 11, alongside with a couple of new features and it was a welcome development at the time after what felt like abandonment by the company for a long time.

Task Manager Did Felt Left Out Among Other Apps

And while a search bar sounds like a standard feature to be having in a time of being able to ask voice assistants about the weather or even to command a search on Wikipedia, Task Manager however did feel like the odd one out for this.

And once this future update arrives, you will however wonder just how you managed without it and what else the Task Manager could be receiving in other updates down the line.


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