Marvel’s Wonderman Is the Latest in the Comic Supergiants’ Trade-Off

Marvel’s wonderman is the latest in the comic supergiants’ trade-off as the show lands a DC star as its lead.

Marvel’s Wonderman Is the Latest in the Comic Supergiants’ Trade-Off

Marvel’s Wonderman Is the Latest in the Comic Supergiants’ Trade-Off

Comic and movie production company marvel has reportedly snapped up Yahya Abdul-Mateen II to lead its very own Wonder man TV series.

Abdul-Mateen II according to Deadline has reportedly swapped DC for Marvel. The Aquaman and Watchman star has now landed the top job and role for the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) Disney Plus Show.

The hiring of Abdul-Mateen II curiously is the second tradeoff between the two comic book supergiants, with James Gunn, an MCU director being hired as co-head of DC studios back in late October. And while Gunn however has worked for Marvel and DC in most recent years, he also helms Marvel’s own Guardians of the Galaxy film franchise and also directed both HBO’s Max series Peacemaker and the film Suicide Squad. Wonder Man however will mark the first time that Abdul-Mateen II has worked with Marvel.

This Is Arguably the Most Surprising Swap Yet Between DC and Marvel

Abdul-Mateen II’s casting as wonder man is in fact arguably the most surprising swap yet between DC and Marvel. The candyman actor as he is referred to has featured prominently in many WBD projects ever since 2018 and this is including Aquaman, the watchmen, and the matrix resurrections.  He is also set to reprise his role as Black Manta which is the villain he played in Aquaman, in the DC superhero movie sequel Aquaman and the lost kingdom which is set to premier in March 2023.

Marvel Has Not Commented Officially on the Casting of Abdul-Mateen II

And as of yet, marvel has not commented officially on the casting of Abdul-Mateen II.

If the hiring of Abdul is true then he will become the latest puzzle piece for the upcoming show on Disney Plus which was initially announced back in June. Currently, Andrew Guest is penning the scripts for the show, while director Destin Daniel Cretton of Shang-chi will be directing and exclusively producing the series. Ben Kingsley on the other hand who also portrayed amateur actor Trevor Slattery in Iron Man 3 and Shang –Chi, also is set to make an appearance in Wonder Man’s supposedly comedy-led project.


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