Ways on How you can Transfer Photos From an iPhone to a Mac

Ways on How you can Transfer Photos From an iPhone to a Mac. The process of transferring your iPhone photos to your Mac is another way to free up space so in this content we will be teaching you the Ways on how you can transfer photos from an iPhone to a Mac. Ways on How you can Transfer Photos From an iPhone to a Mac

It will be easier to do some editions, resize, and organize your images, so the idea of transferring your photos will certainly be of great benefit to you.

Ways on How you can Transfer Photos From an iPhone to a Mac

Generally, the Apple ecosystem is known to have subsidiaries that are part of it which are the iPhone and Mac. So, this is certainly another reason why it would be easy because you can move content around just through a connection.

However, there are several methods on how you can be able to do that and it definitely would not cause any form of stress or difficulty if you can understand the whole process. Well, this article will be enlightening you on several pieces of information that you need to know more about, so keep reading for more understanding.

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Macs tend to actually contain a lot of space but that does not mean that you can fill up the storage with irrelevant photos or videos. Moreso, before you begin the whole transfer process, you need to select valid photos that are important.

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Furthermore, there are some fast and easy ways that you can follow for you to transfer your photos from your iPhone to your Mac and they will be listed below.

  • Syncing photos to your Mac by making use of Finder (macOS Catalina or later).
  • Transferring photos and other content through AnyTrans.
  • Importing pictures to the photos app.
  • Uploading photos with the use of ImageCapture.
  • AirDropping photos from iPhone to a Mac.
  • Transferring photos by using iCloud.

These are the simple ways, however, for you to get more understanding we will be going further, for you to get the information in detail, so read on.

Syncing photos to your Mac by making use of Finder

You can be able to move your photos by beginning with macOS Catalina (10.15) or later by making use of Finder which would sync your iPhone with a Mac. Moreso, for you to sync the photos in your iPhone to your Mac you will definitely have to follow the steps below.

  • Firstly, you need to connect your Mac with a USB cable.
  • Then on the Mac, open a new Finder window.
  • Now navigate to the sidebar under your device and tap your iPhone.
  • Then click on the photo at the top of the windows.
  • Check the “Sync Photos” box.
  • Now kindly select the app or folder that you want to sync from.
  • Select the sync all photos and albums or just choose selected albums.
  • Then click on the “Apply” button.

How to Transfer Photos and other Content through AnyTrans

The use of iCloud and Photos are well-known choices for the transfer of images but in the process, some complications might occur. However, if you want to easily transfer some details or contents from your phone without passing through a long process, you can just make use of AnyTrans for iOS which is preferable.

Furthermore, the AnyTrans app for iOS consists of both a tool for backup and a media downloader. It is best for transferring content from your iPhone and the procedures on how you can do that will be given below.

  • The first step is by launching the AnyTrans app and make sure that the devices are connected to the same internet connection.
  • Then kindly connect the iPhone to your Mac’s USB port.
  • After that, you will then give permission for AnyTrans to access your library.
  • Now go to your device manager and then export the content on your iPhone to your computer.

After the whole procedure, your iPhone content will instantly migrate and it will then sync to your iCloud.

Importing Pictures to the Photos App

You can be able to import your photos from your iPhone to a Mac by making use of the photos app. Meanwhile one of the fastest and easiest ways is to insert or plug the lightning-to-USB that you use in charging your iPhone into the USB port of your Mac.

However, if an iPhone is already connected, the photo app of your macOS will open and automatically give you suggestions pf importing photos. Well, the steps that you can follow on how to import will be provided below so read on.

  • Firstly, connect your iPhone to your Mac through a lightning-to-USB cable.
  • Then unlock your iPhone and confirm it trusts the device if it is necessary.
  • Now the photos app will process by loading and also showing you images in the main window from your iPhone.
  • Now select the left-hand menu in the photo app of your iPhone where you will see all the images that are stored in the camera roll of your iPhone.
  • Then tap the “import all new items” button that is located at the top right corner or you may go through the images on your iPhone select the ones you will like to import if necessary and then kindly click on the import button.

Immediately, the whole process has been completed, you can then go further by deleting the pics on your phone automatically to free up space on your phone.

Uploading Photos with the use of ImageCapture

The transfer of photos or pictures from your iPhone to Mac with the use of the Image Capture app is another easy way and it also comes by default with macOS. Meanwhile, the steps below are simple guidelines that you can follow to import pictures from your iPhone.

  • Make a connection between your iPhone to your Mac with a USB cable.
  • The open Image Capture on your Mac.
  • Then choose your iPhone in the category of devices at the sidebar.
  • Now scroll to the bottom of the window and tap the “Import to menu” button so that you can choose where to save your photos.
  • Make a selection of the images you want to import and tap the import button or you can just click import all preferably.

AirDropping Photos from iPhone to a Mac

The fast and simplest way to move your images from your iPhone to your Mac is by making use of AirDrop and the steps below will guide you on that.

  • Kindly begin by switching to AirDrop on your iPhone.
  • Then go to the setting and click on the “General” button.
  • Now scroll to AirDrop and then set this to everyone to send data through AirDrop to any device.
  • Then kindly switch on your Mac and open “Finder”.
  • And then click on the “Go into menu bar” and then choose “AirDrop”.
  • A Finder window will then open with an AirDrop icon at the bottom.
  • After that the icon will drop down, now kindly click on it and select “Everyone”.
  • Then kindly wait for some time and start transferring the photos by opening photos on your iPhone.
  • Choose the pic you will like to transfer.
  • Now click on the “Share” button on the left-hand corner at the bottom and wait for a little till AirDrop locates your device and click on it.
  • Also, on your Mac a window will show asking you to accept photos, and then click on it.
  • After the whole process, you can now switch off your AirDrop.

Transferring Photos by Using iCloud

Transferring photos through the use of iCloud is another easy way and the steps of how you can make that possible will be given below.

  • Kindly go to your settings.
  • Then click on the name at the top.
  • Now also go to your iCloud.
  • Where you will come across a list of apps using iCloud under the iCloud storage.
  • Now kindly tap on the photos and then switch on iCloud photos.
  • Then to set up on your Mac, you need to launch the photos app.
  • Then navigate to the menu in the menu bar and click on the preferences
  • Then the next step is to click on the “iCloud” button.
  • Now simply check the box that is close to your iCloud photo library (iCloud photos in macOS Mojave).

These are the simple ways of how you can be a be to successfully transfer photos from your iPhone to Mac and also make sure you follow them correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Wirelessly transfer Photos from iPhone to Mac?

In order for you to wirelessly transfer photos from your iPhone to Mac, you will have to make use of Apple’s AirDrop feature that allows you to wirelessly transfer photos between Apple devices that are nearby. However, you will have to select the photos that you want to copy and then transfer it directly to the hard drive of your Mac.

Can I AirDrop from iPhone to MacBook?

Yes, you can certainly AirDrop from your iPhone to MacBook when you are signed in to your iCloud using the same Apple ID on both devices and then click on the pop-up menu and choose the options by following the rest on-screen instructions.

How do I transfer photos from iPhone to Mac for free?

In order for you to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac for free you will have to follow the instructions below.

  • Firstly, go to the control center to enable AirDrop on your iPhone.
  • Then on your Mac you will have to open Finder and go to “Go” > “AirDrop”.
  • Now kindly turn on Wi-Fi for you to enable AirDrop when it is necessary.
  • Then after that access your photos on your iPhone and select the pictures that you will like to transfer and then click on the “Share” button.

Do all iPhones have AirDrop?

Yes, all iPhones or iOS devices have AirDrop that works with other iPhone or Mac devices where they can transfer videos, photos, or other items wirelessly.

What does AirDrop mean?

AirDrop is simply a feature in the iPhone where you can wirelessly send photos, videos, websites, locations, and other stuffs to nearby devices and Mac computers.



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