Microsoft Shows off The Next Windows 11 Upgrade Accidentally

Microsoft shows off the next windows 11 upgrade accidentally as Magic Moments of Photos and Taskbar updates are reportedly spotted.

Microsoft Shows off The Next Windows 11 Upgrade Accidentally

Microsoft Shows off The Next Windows 11 Upgrade Accidentally

The next windows 11 update which is known as ‘Moments 2’, has been accidentally exposed in a YouTube video. The update at the moment is rumored to get the upcoming update to Photos and also a better Taskbar for Tablet devices.

A YouTube video as per Windows Latest was showcasing Windows 11 in a monthly webcast and then a build number was shown accidentally, called ‘23003.ni_moment_directdash_dev1.221018-160′.

And from this build number, we can all safely assume that ‘Moment 2’ is coming soon, most especially with ‘Moment 1 coming so soon just after the windows 11 major 2022 update that was released back in October. And now the question here is what could the next update contain as the Moment 1 update brought with it tabs to File Explorer.

What Could Be Contained In Moment 2

As far as rumored features go, a bigger taskbar that will help users to interact better on tablet devices looks to be coming for this very update. This, therefore, means that will not press on Microsoft Word instead of Skype with your fingers accidentally.

When it comes to confirmed features, on the other hand, iCloud integration in the windows 11 photos app looks very much likely to make its debut here. This very feature will allow your iOS device to seamlessly sync its photos to a PC via the app which is similar to the photos app on macOS.

This was confirmed back at the company’s surface vent with a tentative date for November, so with that being said, we can assume safely that Moment 2 is just a few weeks away from making its debut.

This Is a Good Sign and a Move from Microsoft

And regardless of everything, it is quite a good sign from Microsoft that already we are getting these minor updates so soon after the first major update was made to windows 11, and it kind of makes us wonder what could be coming next just before the next inevitable major update, or even the windows 12.


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