Nvidia RTX 4090 Shows Its Strength At 13K Gaming

Nvidia RTX 4090 shows its strength at 13K gaming in Genshin Impact to be precise.

Nvidia RTX 4090 Shows Its Strength At 13K Gaming

Nvidia RTX 4090 Shows Its Strength At 13K Gaming

Graphics card RTX 4090 by Nvidia is a beast at 4K gaming as we already know, and it is even able to cope with 8K resolutions as well, but what about 13K? Well, a YouTuber has just recently that it can also manage well there too, just about.

The key to this 13K feat as you should have guessed is to locate a game that is not that demanding because that will be a whole lot of pixels to cope with as even is it with 8K to be fair and well in this case that very game is Genshin Impact.

The Reason the Graphics Card Did Well

Yes, you guessed right, this is primarily a mobile game, but one thing you should know is that there is a PC version for the action RPG game and also console spins, but however due to its mobile roots and affiliations, the specs of the game are undemanding. The game Genshin Impact will run well on Nvidia GT 1030, with a GTX 1060 being the recommended GPU.

The Game’s Achievements When Tested

And just as it is reported by Tom’s Hardware, YouTuber Golden Reviewer ran it on an RTX 4090 at a resolution of 13,760 x 5,760 and then managed to achieve 30 frames per second (fps) on average.

30 fps is a bare minimum for gaming palatability right now. This simply means that it’s just smooth enough to feel okay, but the thing is that you really want more than this for a properly enjoyable frame rate. Many people however look for 60 fps as the magic milestone in that very regard, but 30 fps is nonetheless playable and in all honesty, it is a pretty staggering achievement at 13K.


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