How to Change Your Password on Chromebook

In this content, I would be explaining the steps involved in how to change your Chromebook password, which is basically the same as changing your Chromebook password and Google Password are the same. You can choose to change your Password from your Chromebook or straight from any device that you logged into your account.

How to Change Your Password on Chromebook

Sometimes, knowing just how to change your Chromebook’s password can be quite convenient if you feel like you have been making use of the same password for a long time, or if you are forced to change it due to some issues with security.

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How to Change a Chromebook Password

Your Chromebook password and your Google Password are basically the same. You can choose to change these passwords the same way seeing as you can use one password for all your Google-connected services and devices.

Seeing as your Chromebook password is the same as your Google Password, you can choose to change it on any device and from any web browser that you are making use of, as long as your Google account is signed in. Follow the steps highlighted below to change your Chromebook Password using your Chromebook:

  • First, Launch Chrome
  • Then select your Profile picture located in the upper-right corner
  • Select “manage your Google Account”
  • Head over to the left pane and then select “Security”
  • Scroll down to the “signing in to Google” Section
  • After that, select “Password”
  • After that, enter your current password, then select “Next”
  • If required, you can choose to enter your two-factor authentication code
  • Enter a new password, and then confirm the new password, then select “Change Password”

How to Change Your Chromebook Password on Another Device

Your Chromebook password and Google password are basically the same as previously stated. So, making changes to your Google Password with a device other than your Chromebook changes your Chromebook password, which can have some unintended consequences

When you make changes to your password using your Chromebook, the Chromebook automatically syncs with your Google Account. The new password would immediately become active. So when you decide to shut down your Chromebook and boot it back up, the new password would work.

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Turn on Two-Factor Authentication and Save Your Backup Codes

The two-factor authentication is basically a security feature that prevents anyone from logging in to your Chromebook or Google Account without permission. Changing your password regularly is one way for you to keep yourself safe. Enabling two-factor authentication locks your account down tight.

Two-Step Verification for Better Security

The two-factor authentication by Google is also called 2-step verification. When you choose to turn on this feature, you would be required to provide a phone number. Google would send you a text message with a code each time you choose to log in to your Google account on a new device. if someone tries to log in without using the code, they would not be offered access to the account.

In addition to the text message type of 2-step verification, Google also allows you to set up a prompt on your phone to verify new sign-in attempts. Also, you can make use of the Google Authentication app if you want.

  • Launch your chrome
  • Then select your Profile picture located at the upper-right corner
  • After that, select “Manage your Google Account”
  • Select “Security”
  • Scroll down to the “Signing in to Google” Section
  • Then select “2-Step verification”
  • Scroll down and then Select “Get Started”
  • Enter your Password, then select “Next”
  • Select the device where you would like to receive security prompts from Google. Or you can choose another option and set up a “Security key” or get a “text message or voice call”
  • Select “Yes” from the device that you have selected
  • You can choose to add a Backup Option by either entering a cellphone number or selecting “Use Another Backup Option to use a Backup Code.
  • If you decide to have a prompt sent to your cellphone, enter the code, and select “next”
  • Select “Turn on” in other to have the process completed

If you decide to enable backup codes, it is very crucial for you to write down or even print out the codes. These are codes that you can make use of to bypass the text message system if you lose access to your phone, so maintaining these codes is a secure location is very vital.

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How do I Change the Mouse Color on a Chromebook?

In other to change the mouse color on a Chromebook, select the “timer” icon > “Settings” > “Advanced” > Accessibility” > “Manage Accessibility”. Next, select “Mouse and Touchpad” > “Cursor Color” and select a new color right from the drop-down menu.

How Do I Change my Lock Screen Password on my Chromebook?

  • First launch Chrome
  • Then click on the profile picture
  • Select “manage your Google Account”
  • After that press “Security”
  • Head into “signing into Google” and then select “Password”
  • Enter your current password and then press “next”
  • Create a new password and then select Change Password

Why Won’t My Chromebook Let Me Change my Password?

The old Password is stored right on your Chromebook’s local authentication, so the computer would ask you for the old one. In order for you to workaround this issue. You have to sign out of your Chromebook session on the device while you are online, then sign right back in, in other to force the sync of the new Password that is active somewhere else.

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