Telcel Cash Reportedly Enhance Google Play Payments in Ghana

Cellulant, a leading Pan-African payments technology business, has announced the integration of Telcel Cash as an alternative payment mechanism for Google Play consumers in Ghana.

Telcel Cash Reportedly Enhance Google Play Payments in Ghana
Telcel Cash Reportedly Enhance Google Play Payments in Ghana

This integration empowers Google Play users to link their Telcel Cash wallet and utilize mobile money payments for platform services, enhancing accessibility and convenience for consumers.

The collaboration between Cellulant and Google aims to address the challenge of limited international card usage in the Ghanaian market by providing users with diverse payment options. Ghana, like many African nations, experiences low card penetration, leading to the rise of alternative payment solutions such as mobile money wallets.

Africa’s prominence in the $1 trillion mobile money industry underscores the region’s role in driving global innovation and acceptance.

Kevin McDaid, Head of Partnerships for Payments Platform, Europe, Middle East, and Africa at Google, emphasized the importance of expanding payment alternatives to create an inclusive shopping experience for Google Play consumers.

By integrating Telcel Cash in Ghana, Google and Cellulant are committed to meeting the evolving needs of users and promoting greater accessibility to digital services.

Strategic Collaborations and Innovative Solutions

The integration of Telcel Cash in Ghana marks the first collaboration between Google and Cellulant in the region, signaling a significant milestone in their partnership. Richard Gesimba, Vice President of Cellulant’s Checkout Business Unit, expressed Cellulant’s enthusiasm for facilitating payments for Google Play users in Ghana.

This partnership not only enables thousands of Ghanaian users to access Google Play services but also contributes to the platform’s deeper penetration into the African market.

Through strategic collaborations and innovative solutions, Cellulant and Google are driving positive change in the digital payments landscape, empowering consumers and fostering greater inclusion in the digital economy.

As the partnership continues to evolve, both companies remain committed to delivering seamless and secure payment experiences for users across Africa and beyond.



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