WiSolar Debuts Prepaid Solar Service in SA

WiSolar, an on-demand prepaid solar service provider, has initiated a pilot program to offer solar-as-a-service directly to homeowners in South Africa’s Gauteng province. The pan-African energy company specializes in a power purchase agreement (PPA) business model, wherein it installs and maintains solar systems on customers’ homes and sells power on a pay-per-use basis over a 10 to 15-year term.

WiSolar Debuts Prepaid Solar Service in SA
WiSolar Debuts Prepaid Solar Service in SA

This innovative business model eliminates the need for property owners to bear upfront costs for solar installation. Previously, WiSolar’s services were limited to residential properties in gated communities. However, the company is now expanding its reach to serve homeowners directly.

In a statement, WiSolar emphasized its commitment to simplifying residential solar installations by removing barriers such as high costs, inconvenience, and fragmentation. The prepaid solar utility aims to provide homeowners with a seamless and affordable solar solution that integrates seamlessly with existing energy infrastructure.

The dual energy system offered by WiSolar combines traditional grid electricity with solar power, providing homeowners with reliable and sustainable energy options. By embracing decarbonization, decentralization, and digitization, WiSolar aims to deliver innovative solutions that bring tangible value to customers.

Role of Smart Technologies

Tonye Irims, CEO of WiSolar, highlighted the role of smart technologies in revolutionizing energy management. He emphasized how leveraging Internet of Things (IoT) technologies enables greater transparency and data-driven insights, leading to improved energy efficiency for both suppliers and customers.

Homeowners and renters interested in joining the waitlist for WiSolar’s prepaid solar service can register on the company’s website, signaling a growing demand for sustainable and cost-effective energy solutions in the region.

As WiSolar expands its offerings, it seeks to empower more homeowners with access to clean and affordable energy, driving positive environmental and economic impacts.



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