H&M Charging For Returns

H&M to Start Charging For Returns

H&M to start charging for returns. This is the latest brand to follow the same route and this just might be good for the...
Toyota AI-Trained Breakfast Robots

Toyota Is Now Making AI-Trained Breakfast Robots in a Kindergarten for Robots

Toyota is now making AI-trained breakfast robots in a Kindergarten for robots. Well, you however should know that these robots from Toyota cannot whip...
Epic Games Fortnite FTC Case

You Can Now Apply For a Refund from the Settlement of the Epic Games...

You can now apply for a refund from the settlement of the Epic Games Fortnite FTC case. That said, in this news article regarding...
iFixit Repairability Score on iPhone 14

iFixit Reportedly Drops The Repairability Score On The iPhone 14

iFixit reportedly drops the repairability score on the iPhone 14 from a seven to 4 out of 10. The company retroactively dings the iPhone...
Microsoft Leaked Its Own Xbox Documents

Microsoft Leaked Its Own Xbox Documents According To the Court

Microsoft leaked its own Xbox documents according to the court. According to news and development coming from the court, tech giant Microsoft is reportedly...
Max Streaming Live Sports

Max to Start Streaming More Live Sports in October

Max to Start Streaming More Live Sports in OctoberMax to start streaming more live sports in October. More good news for sports lovers as...
Discless Xbox Series X

Details of a New Discless Xbox Series X Spotted In Leaked Microsoft Presentation

Details of a new discless Xbox Series X spotted in leaked Microsoft presentation. With the reported leaks, it simply means one thing and that...
Intel 288-Core Leviathan 5th-Gen Xeon CPU

Intel Unveils Its 288-Core Leviathan 5th-Gen Xeon CPU

Intel unveils its 288-core Leviathan 5th-gen Xeon CPU, but if anything about reports are true then we just could see an even bigger beast...
Microsoft Employees Leaked Private Data

Microsoft Employees Accidentally Leaked 38TB Worth of Company Private Data

Microsoft employees accidentally leaked 38TB worth of company private data and this is inclusive of Teams chats. Cybersecurity researchers just recently found an unprotected...
Hackers Mining Cryptocurrencies on Endpoints

Hackers Are Now Mining Cryptocurrencies on the Endpoints of Other Users

Hackers are now mining Cryptocurrencies on the endpoints of other users. This new development is coming to light as new cryptojacking attacks now target...
Google’s Nest Hub Max support for Meet and Zoom

Google’s Nest Hub Max is set to Drop Support for Google Meet and Zoom

Google’s Nest Hub Max is set to drop support for Google Meet and Zoom. The Nest Hub Max will reportedly stop offering video calls...
Elder Scrolls VI Release Date

Elder Scrolls VI Release Date and PS5 News

Looking for some Elder Scrolls VI release date and PS5 news? Well, you should know that the Elder Scrolls VI will be skipping the...
The Nintendo Museum

The Nintendo Museum Is Set To Be Finished By March

The Nintendo Museum is set to be finished by March. Nintendo’s old plan located in Kyoto, Japan is now being converted into a gallery...
Three Classic Tomb Raider Games on Switch

Three Classic Tomb Raider Games Are Set To Launch on Switch

Three classic Tomb Raider games are set to launch on Switch. Exciting times for switch fans all over the world. This simply means that...
Splatoon 3’s Single Player Expansion Launch

Splatoon 3’s Single Player Expansion Will Launch Next Year

Splatoon 3’s single player expansion will launch next year. This news simply means that the second wave of Splatoon 3’s expansion pass will be...