Africa Data Centres Launches ADC Channel Partner Programme

Africa Data Centres (ADC), a subsidiary of Cassava Technologies, has introduced a new channel partner programme named ADC Channel.

Africa Data Centres Launches ADC Channel Partner Programme
Africa Data Centres Launches ADC Channel Partner Programme

The programme aims to fortify colocation and ecosystem connections, supporting partners in expanding their product portfolio, offerings, and market presence, including an extended data centre footprint.

Objectives of ADC Channel

ADC Channel seeks to provide an opportunity for a wide range of entities including global carriers, Internet service providers, system integrators, data centres, mobile networks, content developers, telecoms companies, network infrastructure operators, and hyperscalers to deliver sustainable and cost-effective digital solutions to their clients.

Collaborative Models

The programme promotes collaboration among partners through various partnership and go-to-market models. This collaboration aims to enhance the overall digital solutions landscape and provide clients with a diverse range of options.

Finhai Munzara, CFO of Africa Data Centres, highlights that ADC facilities are designed to cater to the needs of hyperscale, wholesale, and enterprise clients.

The company offers flexible, scalable, and sustainable solutions, including greenfield projects, built-to-suit facilities, powered shells, dedicated halls, or hybrid colocation.

ADC Marketplace

ADC has also developed the ADC Marketplace, providing a platform for partners to showcase their services and for customers to explore different offerings. This marketplace enhances visibility and accessibility for both partners and customers.

Benefits for Partners

Partners participating in the programme will benefit from lower attrition rates due to the stickiness of colocation services, along with commercial and technical support. ADC also offers regular, complimentary training for sales and product teams to enhance their skills and knowledge.

Partners can join the programme without the need for investment or capital expenditures for data centre construction, thereby limiting financial risk. Additionally, partners have flexibility in choosing their selling pricing and can gain large upfront discounts, increasing their competitive advantage.

Munzara emphasizes that the programme prioritizes mutual growth, leveraging Africa Data Centres’ industry expertise and extensive infrastructure to support the growth of partners and clients alike.

Overall, the launch of ADC Channel signifies ADC’s commitment to fostering collaboration, innovation, and growth within the digital solutions ecosystem in Africa.



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