Qualcomm Unveils Shortlist of Start-ups for Make in Africa 2024 Cohort

Qualcomm, a leading provider of wireless communication technologies, has announced the shortlist of start-ups for its Qualcomm Make in Africa 2024 cohort, along with the recipient of the 2023 Wireless Reach Social Impact Fund.

Qualcomm Unveils Shortlist of Start-ups for Make in Africa 2024 Cohort
Qualcomm Unveils Shortlist of Start-ups for Make in Africa 2024 Cohort

The Make in Africa program, part of Qualcomm’s Africa Innovation Platform, aims to empower early-stage entrepreneurs leveraging advanced connectivity and processing technologies.

Empowering African Entrepreneurs

The program seeks to discover and nurture promising entrepreneurs harnessing cutting-edge technologies like 5G, Edge-AI/ML, Compute, and IoT.

This year, the program received an overwhelming response, with 250 submissions from 30 countries, showcasing the immense talent and innovation potential within Africa’s technology ecosystem.

Meet the Shortlisted Start-ups

From a pool of impressive submissions, Qualcomm has selected 10 start-ups for its Make in Africa 2024 cohort:

  • Aurora Health (Kenya): Provides AI-based cardiovascular healthcare tools.
  • CropScan (Kenya): Works with solar-powered smart farming IoT devices.
  • Cure Bionics (Tunisia): Makes smart 3D printed prosthetic arms.
  • DevisionX (Egypt): Provides AI-based low-code computer vision tools.
  • Kalio (Cameroon): Builds AI tools for agricultural IoT solutions.
  • Kitovu (Nigeria): Provides tools and software for smart agricultural warehouse management.
  • NextAI Studios (Kenya): Builds AI-based emotion detection into toys for children’s mental healthcare.
  • RIM Nextgen (Kenya): Uses smart tools for monitoring propane consumption.
  • Sparcx (South Africa): Uses AI for enhancing radar signal processing.
  • Vizmerald (Tunisia): Works on AI-based textile industry inspection solutions.

Support for Innovation

The selected start-ups will benefit from mentorship, business coaching, engineering assistance, and guidance on intellectual property protection.

Qualcomm is committed to providing the necessary resources and support to help these entrepreneurs drive innovation and create a positive impact in their communities.

Celebrating Social Impact

In addition to the Make in Africa cohort, Qualcomm also recognized Ecorich Solutions as the winner of the 2023 Wireless Reach Social Impact Fund.

This female-founded organization from Kenya focuses on sustainable farming practices and organic waste management. The fund aims to help start-ups like Ecorich Solutions expand their societal and market impact, fostering sustainable solutions to environmental challenges.

Looking Ahead

As the selected start-ups embark on their entrepreneurial journey with Qualcomm’s support, the program aims to empower them to scale their ventures and make a lasting difference in their communities.

With a focus on innovation, collaboration, and social impact, Qualcomm’s initiatives underscore its commitment to driving technological advancement and economic growth in Africa.

Fostering Innovation for a Brighter Future

Qualcomm’s Make in Africa program and Wireless Reach Social Impact Fund exemplify the company’s dedication to empowering African entrepreneurs and driving positive change.

By nurturing talent, fostering innovation, and supporting sustainable solutions, Qualcomm is playing a pivotal role in shaping Africa’s digital future and promoting socio-economic development across the continent.



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