Safaricom Ethiopia CEO Highlights National Digital Transformation Priorities

Wim Vanhelleputte, CEO of Safaricom Ethiopia, underscored the significance of digital transformation as a national priority for Ethiopia during his keynote speech at the Accelerated Digital Transformation Summit in Addis Ababa.

Safaricom Ethiopia CEO Highlights National Digital Transformation Priorities
Safaricom Ethiopia CEO Highlights National Digital Transformation Priorities

He outlined key elements essential for its successful implementation and emphasized Safaricom’s commitment to driving the country’s digital future.

National Priority: Digital Transformation

Vanhelleputte affirmed that digital transformation is at the forefront of Ethiopia’s national agenda, signaling a pivotal shift towards embracing technology to drive socio-economic development. He identified critical areas requiring attention, including the deployment of digital infrastructure, smartphone affordability, and the promotion of digital payment platforms.

Infrastructure Development and Sharing

Highlighting the importance of digital infrastructure, Vanhelleputte emphasized Safaricom’s efforts in developing its network while also engaging in infrastructure sharing initiatives. This collaborative approach aims to accelerate the expansion of digital connectivity across Ethiopia, laying the foundation for inclusive growth and innovation.

Smartphone Affordability and Access

Addressing the challenge of smartphone affordability, Vanhelleputte emphasized the pivotal role of these devices as gateways to digital life. Safaricom recognizes the importance of ensuring widespread access to affordable smartphones to facilitate greater digital inclusion and participation among Ethiopians.

Interoperable Digital Payment Platforms

Vanhelleputte stressed the importance of non-monopolistic digital payment platforms that prioritize interoperability. By enabling seamless communication between different platforms, interoperable payment systems empower customers with diverse options to access digital services, fostering competition and innovation in the digital payments ecosystem.

Empowering Local Innovation

Emphasizing the talent and innovative potential of Ethiopians, Vanhelleputte called for initiatives to empower local talent and harness their creativity to address local challenges. Safaricom is committed to fostering an environment conducive to innovation, collaboration, and entrepreneurship, driving Ethiopia’s digital evolution.

Safaricom’s Role in Ethiopia’s Digital Future

Peter Ndegwa, Safaricom Group CEO, reaffirmed the company’s commitment to Ethiopia’s digital future during Safaricom’s investor day in Addis Ababa. With over 2,200 base stations serving 33 cities and towns and a rapidly expanding M-PESA customer base, Safaricom Ethiopia is poised to play a transformative role in driving digital inclusion and economic prosperity across the country.

Pioneering Digital Innovation in Ethiopia

Safaricom Ethiopia’s dedication to advancing digital transformation aligns with Ethiopia’s national agenda for socio-economic development.

By prioritizing infrastructure development, promoting smartphone affordability, and fostering innovation, Safaricom is paving the way for a vibrant digital future in Ethiopia, empowering citizens and driving inclusive growth.



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