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The Prince Claus Fund is a valuable supporter in the fields of art, culture preservation, and sustainable development. It provides assistance to individuals and communities globally, promoting diversity, innovation, and cultural expression. By doing so, it plays a significant role in creating a vibrant global environment for creativity to flourish. This article examines the various contributions of the Prince Claus Fund, including its mission, impact, and the transformative projects it backs.

Prince Claus Fund
Prince Claus Fund

Understanding The Prince Claus Fund

The Prince Claus Fund for Culture and Development was created in 1996 to pay tribute to Prince Claus of the Netherlands. Its fundamental mission is to aid artists, thinkers, and cultural organizations that defy conventions, stimulate talks, and enhance societies by acknowledging that culture is a powerful instrument for progress.

The Objectives of Prince Claud Fund

The Prince Claus Fund has several main objectives that focus on fostering cultural diversity, innovation, and inclusivity. These objectives include:

  • To foster cultural exchange by facilitating dialogue across borders. The fund aims to bridge gaps, break down stereotypes, and create a more interconnected world where cultural richness is celebrated.
  • To support innovative projects that challenge norms and push the boundaries of artistic and cultural expression. The fund provides a platform for creative minds to thrive, encouraging projects that contribute to the evolution of cultural landscapes.
  • They empower local artists and cultural organizations by strengthening grassroots initiatives. The fund offers grants, mentorship programs, and collaborative partnerships to bolster the capacity and impact of these initiatives, ensuring that cultural development is rooted in the communities they serve.
  • The Prince Claud Fund promotes cultural diversity by celebrating the plurality of human expression. The fund actively advocates for the preservation of unique cultural heritage and encourages the exploration of new narratives, contributing to a global mosaic that reflects the richness of human creativity.
  • They advocate for inclusivity, ensuring access and representation for artists and cultural practitioners from all backgrounds. The fund aims to create an environment where everyone has equal opportunities to contribute and be recognized, amplifying voices that may otherwise be marginalized.
  • The program strengthens cultural heritage by preserving and revitalizing endangered traditions. The fund supports projects focused on restoring and revitalizing cultural sites, documenting endangered traditions, and safeguarding intangible cultural heritage for future generations.
  • The objective is to nurture sustainable development by cultivating resilient and vibrant communities. The fund recognizes the interdependence of culture and sustainable development, where cultural initiatives contribute to economic and social progress.

Grant Amount and Benefits

The fund typically gives around €15,000 in grants to back cultural projects and initiatives worldwide. When someone receives a Seed Award, they must sign a contract from the Prince Claus Fund. After signing, the recipient will receive €5,000 as part of the Prince Claus Awards. The fund understands the importance of financial support in making creative projects happen and creating a lasting effect. Grant amounts vary depending on the scope and nature of the proposed projects, covering different areas such as:

  • Innovative Arts and Culture Projects: Grants are given to projects that push the boundaries of artistic expression, encouraging innovation and experimentation.
  • Preservation of Cultural Heritage: Funding is provided for initiatives focused on preserving and revitalizing cultural heritage, including the restoration of sites and the documentation of endangered traditions.
  • Local Artist Empowerment: Support is given to grassroots initiatives led by local artists and cultural organizations to enhance their capacity and impact within their communities.
  • Cross-Cultural Exchange Programs: Grants facilitate collaborations that promote cross-cultural dialogue, understanding, and exchange between artists and thinkers from various regions.

Application Process

To apply for the Prince Claus Fund Awards, follow these steps:

  • Sign up on the Prince Claus Awards Platform.
  • Click on ‘New Submission’ to begin your application.
  • Fill in all the necessary information and attach any required documents.
  • You can save your progress and come back to it later before the deadline.
  • After submitting your application, you will receive a confirmation email from the Prince Claus Awards Platform.

Your Application must Include the following:

  • A completed application form that includes your personal information.
  • A pitch that answers the question “What drives you as an artist/author/cultural practitioner?” This pitch can be submitted in video or audio format and should not exceed 3 minutes. If you are unable to provide a pitch in audio or video format, please contact us at
  • A reference letter from someone who knows your work and/or has worked with you in the past. The letter should be signed and include the referee’s contact information.
  • An updated C.V.
  • Supporting materials related to your work, such as samples of your artistic/cultural work (videos, images, texts, portfolio), reviews, and interviews.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for the Prince Claus Fund may vary depending on the specific grants and initiatives. However, there are common elements that applicants typically need to meet, they include:

  • Cultural relevance is an important criterion, and applicants should demonstrate a strong connection to cultural development, preservation, or innovation.
  • The fund values projects that showcase innovation and creativity within the cultural realm.
  • Commitment to inclusivity and diversity is also important, and the fund seeks projects that celebrate and amplify underrepresented voices and perspectives.
  • The potential impact of the projects is evaluated, considering how they contribute to positive change, community development, or the broader cultural landscape.
  • Projects should align with the Prince Claus Fund’s mission and objectives, which include fostering cultural diversity, promoting innovation, and supporting local artists and organizations.
  • Depending on the grant, applicants may be required to have a certain level of professional experience in their respective cultural fields.
  • A clear and comprehensive project proposal is generally expected, outlining the objectives, methods, expected outcomes, and budget.
  • The ability to manage grant funds responsibly is an important consideration, and applicants should provide a detailed budget indicating how the funds will be utilized
  • Adhering to the specified application deadlines is essential for a fair selection process.

Impact of Prince Claus Fund

The Prince Claus Fund’s projects have had significant positive effects on local communities, artists, and cultural organizations. Cultural preservation projects have strengthened community identity and resilience while emerging talents benefit from increased visibility and exposure. Cultural organizations gain resources to execute innovative projects, enhancing their capacity to create meaningful experiences and engage communities.

These efforts foster pride, resilience, and sustainable development, contributing to a richer global cultural tapestry.

Prince Claus Fund’s Role in Fostering Sustainable Development

The Prince Claus Fund’s impact on sustainable development and social change through creative and cultural expressions is clear from these success stories. By supporting artists and protecting cultural heritage, the Fund contributes to the larger story of positive change, proving that art and culture can drive meaningful societal progress.


The Prince Claus Fund supports emerging artists and urgent cultural needs through its diverse grants, contributing significantly to global cultural preservation. Visit their website to learn more and support their mission to nurture artistic expressions and cultural endeavors that enrich societies worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does the Next Generation Awards program entail?

The Next Generation Awards program aims to acknowledge and assist young artists and cultural practitioners in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean, and the Pacific.

How does the Fund help in preserving culture?

The Cultural Emergency Response grants swiftly aid projects in conflict zones or areas affected by natural disasters, safeguarding cultural heritage from immediate threats.

Can anyone outside the cultural sector contribute to the Prince Claus Fund?

Certainly, the Fund welcomes support from individuals, philanthropists, and organizations interested in promoting cultural expression and preservation.

Does the Prince Claus Fund only provide financial support?

Apart from financial assistance, the Fund also offers mentorship opportunities, promoting knowledge exchange and capacity building within the cultural sector.



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