Survey Reveals ISP Confidence in Upstream Fibre Network Operators

In a recent survey conducted by the Internet Service Providers’ Association (Ispa), the sentiments of internet service providers (ISPs) towards upstream fibre network operators (FNOs) were examined. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the survey findings:

Survey Reveals ISP Confidence in Upstream Fibre Network Operators
Survey Reveals ISP Confidence in Upstream Fibre Network Operators

Insights from the Survey:

  • The survey, conducted in February 2024, garnered responses from approximately 50 ISPs, who were asked to rate FNOs across 11 criteria on a scale of 0 to 10.
  • Notably, MetroFibre and Link Africa emerged as the top-rated FNOs, earning praise for their technical proficiency, value for money, and commitment to open-access principles.
  • MetroFibre received high scores in technical proficiency, communication, and business processes, while Link Africa excelled in value for money and open-access principles.
  • Despite a decline in overall ratings, Openserve maintained its lead in reliability, while Octotel continued to provide exceptional support for ISPs.
  • However, areas such as optimism about future improvements, support provided to ISPs, and the likelihood of recommending FNOs to others received the lowest scores.

Areas Identified for Improvement:

  • The survey highlighted the need for FNOs to streamline support for ISPs, enhance processes, and increase staff capacity to address common issues effectively.
  • Account managers emerged as crucial influencers in ISPs’ perceptions, with positive experiences significantly impacting overall ratings.

Comparison of FNO Scores:

The survey revealed fluctuations in FNO ratings compared to the previous survey in August 2023:

  • MetroFibre and Link Africa saw marginal improvements in their scores.
  • Liquid Intelligent Technologies experienced a notable increase in ratings.
  • On the other hand, several FNOs, including Openserve, Frogfoot, Vumatel, and Dark Fibre Africa, witnessed declines in their scores.

The survey underscores the vital role of FNOs in shaping the ISP landscape. Moving forward, addressing areas of concern such as support for ISPs and fostering stronger partnerships between ISPs and FNOs will be crucial for driving sustainable growth and innovation in the internet industry.

The insights gleaned from this survey can serve as a roadmap for FNOs to enhance their services and build stronger relationships with ISPs, ultimately benefiting the broader internet ecosystem.



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