AltStore PAL, A Third-Party iPhone App Store Launches in Europe

AltStore PAL, a third-party iPhone app store launches in Europe. The said app marketplace will set users back €1.50 per annum and then launch with a free Nintendo emulator known as Delta as well as a clipboard manager dubbed Clip.

AltStore PAL Launches in Europe

AltStore PAL Launches in Europe

AltStore PAL, the third-party iOS app store, has officially launched in the European Union, thanks to Apple’s compliance with the region’s Digital Markets Act (DMA). This development opens up new possibilities for iPhone users, allowing them access to apps not available on the official App Store.

Smooth Installation Process

While the installation process may involve navigating through Apple’s cautionary prompts, AltStore PAL eventually installs on iPhones, providing users with access to a wide range of apps.

Notably, the store offers two prominent apps developed by Riley Testut: Delta, an emulator capable of playing various games, and Clip, a clipboard manager. These apps offer functionalities not typically allowed on the App Store.

Integration with Patreon and Monetization

AltStore PAL integrates with Patreon for monetization, offering support for developers who wish to distribute beta apps as a reward for crowd-sourced funding. While Delta is available for free, downloading Clip requires a minimum monthly Patreon pledge.

This approach allows developers to circumvent certain restrictions imposed by the App Store and explore innovative monetization models.

Legitimate Launch and Implications

Thanks to the DMA, Delta and Clip are now launched legitimately on AltStore PAL in the EU. This move highlights the evolving landscape of app distribution on iOS devices, enabling developers to explore new possibilities without solely relying on the App Store.

AltStore PAL’s open submission policy further encourages third-party developers to contribute to the platform, fostering innovation and diversity in the app ecosystem.

Considerations and Legal Gray Areas

While AltStore PAL offers exciting opportunities for developers and users alike, it also raises questions regarding legal gray areas. For example, Delta, as a game emulator, operates in a space that Apple has only recently begun to support.

Additionally, Clip’s functionalities may conflict with App Store rules, emphasizing the need for users to make informed decisions about the apps they choose to install.

Future Outlook and Developer-Friendly Approach

AltStore PAL’s developer-friendly approach, including self-hosting apps on developers’ servers, represents a departure from Apple’s centralized App Store model. This decentralized approach empowers developers to have more control over their apps’ distribution while offering users a broader selection of software options.


Overall, the launch of AltStore PAL marks a significant milestone in the iOS app ecosystem, providing users in Europe with access to innovative apps beyond the confines of the official App Store.

As the platform continues to evolve, it has the potential to reshape the way users interact with their iPhones, fostering greater diversity and creativity in app development.



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