Enhancing Consular Services: Cameroon Recently Launch the Construction of an ICT Facility

Cameroon has embarked on the construction of an ICT facility as part of a government initiative aimed at standardizing and enhancing the country’s consular services.

Cameroon Recently Launch the Construction of an ICT Facility
Cameroon Recently Launch the Construction of an ICT Facility

The project includes the establishment of the Ministry of External Relations’ Digital Transformation Centre (CTDM-MINREX), in collaboration with Impact Palmarès R&D SAS, an Ivorian security and biometric solutions provider.

Scheduled for completion within 12 months, the center will play a pivotal role in modernizing consular procedures and safeguarding data, including the recently implemented electronic visa (eVisa) system.

Features of the Digital Transformation Center

The eco-friendly, state-of-the-art facility will span four stories and house various essential facilities, including an ICT laboratory, management unit for consular service equipment, training room, 24-hour call center, and data storage unit. Located in Yaounde, the capital city, the center aims to elevate consular services to international standards.

Improvements in Consular Services

Minister of External Relations, Lejeune Mbella Mbella, highlighted the center’s role in streamlining consular procedures and expediting work processes. To issue eVisas within 24-48 hours, the center seeks to enhance the quality and efficiency of consular services, thereby attracting more visitors to Cameroon.

Impact of the eVisa System

Since the deployment of the eVisa platform, Cameroon has experienced a significant increase in visitor arrivals, welcoming 157,668 visitors through its main international airports within a year. The upcoming Digital Transformation Center is expected to further augment visitor numbers and bring about positive changes in consular operations.

Role of Impact Palmarès R&D SAS

As the technical partner on the project, Impact Palmarès R&D SAS is tasked with constructing the center within the stipulated timeframe.

Under a 10-year build-operate-transfer contract signed in April 2022, the company is also responsible for financing and developing a secure and unified system for Cameroon’s consular services, including the management of biometric consular cards and diplomatic documents.

The Digital Transformation Represents a Significant Step Forward

The construction of the Digital Transformation Center represents a significant step forward in Cameroon’s efforts to modernize its consular services and bolster its digital infrastructure.

By leveraging advanced ICT solutions and partnering with Impact Palmarès R&D SAS, the country aims to enhance operational efficiency, safeguard data integrity, and attract more visitors through streamlined visa processing.

The completion of the center is poised to usher in a new era of digitized consular operations and contribute to Cameroon’s broader development goals.



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