Retro Game Emulators Are Now Finally Allowed In The iOS App Store, But There Are Terms and Conditions

Retro game emulators are now finally allowed in the iOS App Store, but there are terms and conditions. In this post, everything you need to know about this breaking development will be shared with you. And also, changes are coming for music streamers too.

Retro Game Emulators in the iOS App Store

Retro Game Emulators in the iOS App Store

In response to regulatory pressures from the US and EU, Apple has made a significant adjustment to its policies regarding retro game emulators in the iOS App Store. While the change allows for the inclusion of these emulators, there are notable conditions attached.

According to updates in Apple’s App Review Guidelines, retro game console emulator apps are now permitted to offer game downloads. However, developers must adhere to specific requirements, including compliance with all applicable laws. This condition addresses the longstanding legal ambiguity surrounding the use of emulators.

In essence, running an emulated version of a game without proper licensing is considered unlawful, even if the emulator itself is purchased legitimately. This restriction may limit the practical use of these emulator apps to companies such as Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo, which hold legal rights to the games they offer.

More News on Mini Apps and Music Streaming

In addition to the adjustments regarding retro game emulators, Apple’s updated guidelines now permit apps to include mini-apps and mini-games written in HTML5. This change is significant for “super apps” like WeChat, which integrate multiple apps within a single package – these apps are now required to be web-based rather than native to the device.

Another notable update allows music streaming apps to link to external websites for purchasing products and services, bypassing Apple’s App Store and associated payment systems.

However, this modification specifically applies to European Union countries, following recent fines imposed on Apple by the EU for restricting streaming services within its ecosystem and taking a 30% cut in fees.

Apple Has Not Officially Confirmed These Policy Changes

While Apple has not officially confirmed, these policy changes appear to be aimed at avoiding further fines and legal actions. The company is facing increased scrutiny regarding the limitations it imposes on third-party apps and developers, prompting these adjustments to its guidelines.



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