HDFC Bank Credit Card – How to Apply for a HDFC Credit Card

Credit cards are a great alternative to carrying around cash in today’s world. With credit cards, we can easily make fast and secure transactions from where we are.  Among the wide range of card providers, the HDFC credit card is distinguished by its incredible card variety for various types of life necessities and needs.

HDFC Bank Credit Card

Let’s get into the nitty gritty of HDFC Bank credit cards and explore their advantages and how they can simplify your financial life.

The Basics: Activating and Using your HDFC Credit Card

After you apply and get approved for a new HDFC credit card, you need to activate the card first. The steps below are a guide to help you do so.

Online Option:

1) Using your device via an internet connection, log into your HDFC Credit banking account

2) Go to the section for credit cards

3) Follow the instructions to activate or “Register New Card”

By Phone:

1) Call the HDFC phone banking number

2) When prompted, select the option to create your credit card PIN

3) HDFC will send a one-time password or OTP to your registered mobile number

4) Visit any HDFC ATM and create your PIN using that OTP

With the help of the activation code, your credit card is ready for use. To perform any online transactions, simply insert the card details and OTP received on your registered mobile number. To perform in-store purchases, hand over the card at the payment terminal to be swiped.

Benefits of Owning an HDFC Bank Credit Card?

HDFC Bank credit card provides and unlocks different benefits and privileges. Below are some of the privileges you will get having an HDFC Credit Card.

  • Rewards Rainbows: You will be provided access to earn reward points or cashbacks based on how you spend across categories like travel, dining, groceries, etc. You can redeem these for discounts or goodies.
  • Exclusive Treats: Get special deals and discounts at partner brands and merchants for shopping, entertainment, dining, and more.
  • Premium Perks: Depending on your card, you can enjoy free airport lounge access, golf program memberships, concierge services, etc.
  • Interest-Free: The majority of HDFC cards come with a free interest period of 20-50 days. This condition only applies if you pay the total bill before the due date.
  • Secure Transactions: HDFC credit card makes use of chips, PIN, and 3D to help secure and keep your financial data safe from fraud.

Types of HDFC Credit Cards

HDFC offers different varieties of credit cards targeted for different needs.

  • HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card: This premium pick comes with airport lounge access, golfing privileges, concierge services, and more high-life benefits.
  • HDFC Bank Infinia Credit Card: The ultra-premium, ultra-exclusive option with personalized services, the highest credit limits, and luxe rewards.
  • HDFC Bank Diners Clubmiles Credit Card: The globetrotter’s card, co-branded with Diners Club for travel, dining and entertainment rewards.
  • HDFC Bank MoneyBack Credit Card: The cashback queen, showering you with cashback across spending categories.
  • HDFC Bank EasyEMI Credit Card: For converting big-ticket buys into easy, no-interest EMIs.

To see more HDFC credit cards, visit

How To Redeem/Collect Rewards on Your HDFC Credit Card

When it comes to reward collection, HDFC allows multiple redemption routes:

  • Online: Log into net banking, navigate to credit cards, select your card, click redeem rewards, and take your pick from the catalog.
  • Offline: Download the rewards redemption form, fill it up, and mail it to HDFC.
  • Call: Reach out to customer care and redeem over the call.

The first option is the best way to redeem your points

Interest Rates, Fees and Costs

To choose an HDFC credit card, consider the cost, interest rates, and other factors before purchasing one.

  • Interest Rate: Interest rates are typically within the range of 3.5% – 4.9% per month (42%-49.9% annually) based on card type and credit profile.
  • Annual Fee: A yearly charge, can be waived for the first year or based on annual spending.
  • Late Fees: This means paying your bill after the bill has exceeded its due date. Each card has a different late fee.
  • Over-Limit Fee: For exceeding your credit limit.
  • CashAdvance Fee: For withdrawing cash from ATMs using your credit card.

How to Apply For a HDFC Credit Card

Follow the steps below to get your Credit Card on HDFC:

  1. Visit and hit the ‘Credit Cards’ section.
  2. Pick a card suiting your needs and click ‘Apply Now’
  3. Fill out the online application with personal and financial details.
  4. Submit documents like identity, income, and address proofs.
  5. HDFC will review it and let you know!

Managing Your Account: Logins and More

With a card in hand, easily access and operate your account in the following ways:

Net Banking

Visit, and log in with your customer ID and password. The ‘Credit Cards’ section is your command center.

Mobile App

Download the HDFC mobile banking app and log in to check statements, pay bills, redeem rewards on the go, etc.

Forgotten Username/Password

Use the ‘Forgot Credentials’ option on the website to retrieve or reset your login details. Alternatively, you can call the customer care service for assistance.

Methods for Paying Bills

HDFC offers multiple options to pay your monthly credit card bills:

  • Net Banking: Log in and navigate to ‘Credit Cards’ -> ‘Make Payment’
  • Mobile App: Use the app to pay via linked accounts or digital payments.
  • Standing Instructions: Set up auto-debit for full/minimum dues from HDFC accounts.
  • Third-Party Net Banking: Use ‘Bill Desk’ to pay via other banks’ net banking
  • Visit a Branch: Drop a cheque or cash in the deposit box


By understanding the features, benefits, interest, and usage guidelines of HDFC credit cards, you can elevate your financial life and make informed decisions to enjoy the convenience of secure and rewarding transactions. Explore the range of cards available and find the one that best aligns with your lifestyle, interests, and financial goals.

These cards are super useful in today’s world. Just understand the features, fees, and privileges to pick the perfect card for yourself.

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