Reddit Can Now Translate Posts

Reddit Can Now Translate Posts on the Platform

Reddit can now translate posts on the platform. The newest feature from Reddit gives the platform the ability to translate posts into eight different...
FAA Cleared UPS Delivery Drones

The FAA Just Cleared UPS Delivery Drones for Longer-Range Flights

The FAA just cleared UPS delivery drones for longer-range flights. Regulators in the US have just cleared the way forward for UPS delivery drones...
Solar Installations to Set a Record

Solar Installations Are Expected To Set a Record This Year

Solar installations are expected to set a record this year. The state of Florida continues to topple other states and dominate in state rankings,...
OnePlus 12 Reportedly Leaked

OnePlus 12 Reportedly Leaked and Important Details Revealed

OnePlus 12 reportedly leaked and important details were revealed in the process. The leaks in question however suggest that it will be walking back...
Corsair C8 Beats Nvidia H100

Corsair C8 Beats Nvidia H100 on Key Tests with GPU-Like Card Equipped With 256GB...

Corsair C8 beats Nvidia H100 on key tests with a GPU-like card equipped with 256GB RAM. The Microsoft-backed AI startup claims nine times as...
AI Drake Ghostwriter Is Back

The AI Drake Ghostwriter Is Reportedly Back With a New Song

The AI Drake Ghostwriter is reportedly back with a new song and is chasing a Grammy. The creator that is behind the AI-generated Drake...
Top ASUS Routers Security Flaws

Top ASUS Routers Reported To Carry Serious Security Flaws

Top ASUS routers are reported to carry serious security flaws that could in fact allow hackers to hijack your device.  Three major ASUS models...
Cerabyte Startup 10,000TB Data Cartridges

Cerabyte Startup Plans 10,000TB Data Cartridges

Cerabyte startup plans 10,000TB data cartridges with popular and well-known materials that are used in restrooms. That said, ceramic may just get to displace...
Sony Tiny Full-Frame Camera

Sony Just Released a Tiny Full-Frame Camera for Drones

Sony just released a tiny full-frame camera for drones and it will reportedly cost buyers really big. The question however is that is this...
Spotify Premium-Only Feature

Spotify To Make Lyrics a Premium-Only Feature

Spotify to make lyrics a premium-only feature. The music streaming platform is currently on the lookout for anything that it can find that might...
Meta New Quest Pro

Meta Is Rumored To Be Working With LG on New Quest Pro

Meta is rumored to be working with LG on the new Quest Pro. The rumored headset in question could cost users around $2,000 and...
Audi’s Q5 E-Tron Dashboard

The Three Screens Lightning up Audi’s Q5 E-Tron Dashboard

The three screens lightning up Audi’s Q5 E-tron dashboard. Dubbed the Digital Stage, the Audi Q6 E-tron reportedly has two displays for the driver...
X To Train AI Models

X To Train AI Models with Public Data

X to train AI models with public data. The social media just recently confirmed this new development and I am sure that users are...
Leaked DJI Pocket 3 Spotted In the Wild

Leaked DJI Pocket 3 Reportedly Spotted In the Wild

Leaked DJI Pocket 3 reportedly spotted in the wild, featuring a much bigger and wider screen. The successor to the Pocket 2 with what...
Lenovo’s Micro-OLED Legion Glasses

Lenovo’s Micro-OLED Legion Glasses Rumored to Be Wearable Gaming Displays

Lenovo’s Micro-OLED Legion glasses are rumored to be wearable gaming displays. This is however more than just a rumor as it has been confirmed...