Meta Is Reportedly Fixing Facebook Messenger HD Photo-Sharing Feature

Meta is reportedly fixing the Facebook Messenger HD photo-sharing feature. With this development, the social media firm will now be solving a long issue on the platform and users cannot be happier.

Meta Is Fixing Facebook Messenger HD Photo-Sharing

The messaging platform is also set to roll out group chat shared albums.

Meta Is Fixing Facebook Messenger HD Photo-Sharing

Back in 2017, Facebook Messenger introduced the capability for users to share 4K photos. Now, Meta has announced an update that allows users to share HD photos within the app. It may sound confusing, but here’s the explanation: In this context, HD actually means 4K, so essentially, the new feature enables the sharing of even higher-resolution 4K photos.

According to Liz Sweeney from the Facebook Messenger communications team, the 4K photos shared previously were more heavily compressed, and their appearance depended on the network conditions of both the sender and receiver.

With the recent update, these 4K photos will be less compressed, providing users with better image quality. Additionally, users will now have the option to enable 4K sharing with a new “HD” button. If the button isn’t tapped, photos will be shared in 2K resolution instead.

Other Exciting Facebook Messenger News

In addition to HD photo sharing, Messenger will now allow users to share files up to 100MB, an increase from the previous 25MB limit. This change makes it easier to share videos without needing to split them into smaller chunks before sending.

Meta is also introducing a new album-sharing feature, enabling users to create shared albums of photos and videos for group chats. This feature allows people to collect images from events like group trips more conveniently within the app.

How to Create and Name Albums in Facebook Messenger Group Chats

To do this, follow the steps below;

  • Choose multiple photos from your chat composer and tap on the Create Album tab. You can also easily long-press a photo in the chat and then tap on Create Album.
  • Next, you will have to tap on add to album in order to add to an existing album.

That’s it on how to create album. To rename the album;

  • Tap on album and then select the three-dot menu icon.
  • Next, tap on the edit name option.
  • Lastly, confirm the new album name.

That’s it.

What You Need To Know About This New Feature

Meta has introduced a new feature that allows anyone in a group to edit shared albums, including the ability to add or remove images. Group members can also download items from the album. This feature will be gradually rolled out over the coming weeks, so if you don’t seen it yet, you might have to wait a bit longer.

Meta Has Introduced QR Codes and Links for Easier Connections with People

In addition, Meta has introduced QR codes and links for easier connections with people. This means you can quickly add someone to your Messenger contacts list without needing to manually input their phone number. Whether you’re out and about or prefer not to exchange phone numbers, this feature offers a convenient alternative.

And if you’re like me and rarely venture out past 7PM thanks to parenthood, you might not have the opportunity to showcase your Facebook Messenger QR code just yet. But who knows? Maybe someday soon!



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