Facebook Profile Lock Safety Feature Enabled for Users in Ukraine

Facebook Profile Lock Safety Feature Enabled for Users in Ukraine. Finally, the Facebook Profile lock has returned, but the sad part of this new is that it came for users in Ukraine who are concerned about their privacy and security amid the ongoing struggle with Russia.

Facebook Profile Lock Safety Feature Enabled for Users in Ukraine

With this interesting new feature, users that are in the country would be able to lock down their Facebook profiles so that only friends get to see content on the site, leaving it the way it is until they finally decide to unlock it manually at a later date.

Profile Lock Safety Feature Enabled for Users in Ukraine

Previously, the profile lock feature was enabled in August 2021 for Facebook users that were in Afghanistan: the platform was built in such a way that uses get to quickly secure their accounts, including hiding profile pictures and posts, preventing other from seeing potentially controversial images or other content that might place users in danger.

To add to enable this feature in Ukraine, Facebook stated that it has set up a “special Operations Center” that would enable it to better monitor the situation of the country and respond when necessary.

One-tap Security Lockdown

This interesting new safety feature was announced in a tweet thread by the Facebook head of Security Policy Nathaniel Gleicher. He went on to explain that this is the same locking feature that the company used during the Afghanistan turmoil that took place last year.

In a separate support document, the company explains that locked profiles will show a small blue badge with the image of a lock inside. Visitors get to see only a very limited amount of information when they view their locked profile.

Locking your profile would trigger Facebook to automatically set all public posts on the account to private. Also, the company stated that visitors will on see “a portion” of the accounts “About” Section. Friends, however, would still have access to your posts and other contents, stories, full-size cover and profile images, and similar.

Gleicher reminds users in his tweet thread that Facebook is just one social network and that there are other online platforms that users may need to reevaluate when considering their personal privacy and safety.

How to Enable Facebook Profile Lock

Anybody that is located in Ukraine and is concerned about their online security can now enable the lock just within a few seconds via a couple of taps. Gleicher explains that users should:

  • Tap on the “More” option found under one’s profile name inside the Facebook app
  • This would launch the profile settings of the Menu
  • Scroll down through the menu, you should see lock profile, tap on it to enable safety changes.
  • You would be required to tap one more time in other to confirm that you want to lock the account profile

After which point visitors will see an information saying that that only friends can view the content that has been posted.


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