PlayStation Plus Games for March

PlayStation Plus Games for March. The next set of PlayStation Plus free games, planned for March 2022, will be spread across both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 console. It is a slightly larger assortment than last month’s PlayStation Plus Lineup too, with a total of about four games this time around instead of three.

PlayStation Plus Games for March

PlayStation Plus Games for March

As always, you would be required to subscribe to PlayStation Plus in order for you to be granted access to the Monthly haul of freebies. What this means is that you are paying either $9.99 for one month, $24.99 for about three months, or 59.99 for a full year.

If this is your time, then you have to be aware that your subscription will be set to renew automatically, so if you don’t want that to take place you would be required to manually turn off auto-renewal. Also, you would lose access to the PlayStation Plus games that you have downloaded entirely for free if your subscription comes to an end.

All four games would be made available to PlayStation Plus Subscribers starting this Tuesday, March 1, 2022. And if you want to grab any games for this February, you have until Monday the 28, before they get de-perked.

Ark: Survival Evolved (PS4)

“Ark: Survival Evolved” takes the somewhat well-known survival MMO formula and it mixes up with a combination of futuristic technologies and dinosaurs. plenty dinosaurs, And tons of players, who may or might not pose friendly – it’s ultimately up to them, and to you.

Players get to explore the wilderness and gather materials, craft tools, and weapons, hunt, build a base, and more. Well, this title cam with some wrinkles of a bunch of large, sometimes hungry, animals that are roaming around. Animals that you can tame or even raise as something akin to livestock if you happen to be added.

Team Sonic Racing (PS4)

These games head on to more obvious routes with a spin-off that is designed based on the speedy blue hedgehog by focusing on racing – though not the type of racing that sonic is recognized for, but something more of arcade-style competitive racing. Well, this is not the very first time that sonic racing has been a part of the PlayStation Plus Assortment, either.

Ghostrunner (PS5)

Somewhat surprisingly, “Ghostrunner” is march’s only PlayStation 5-specific title. This title is on the PlayStation 4 also, but that version is not a part of the PlayStation Plus Lineup this time around for some reason. Possibly because the PS5 version is still somewhat new, having been launched some months ago back in September 2021.

“Ghostrunner” is more like a word-sandwich of a cyberpunk parkour action-platformer that places you in control of an extremely agile – and also somewhat frail – cyborg as you wall run, jump, hack, and slash your way through levels (and enemies). The thing here is despite having superhuman reflexes and abilities, only one hit is required, and that applies to both you and your targets.

Ghost of Tsushima: Legends (PS4 + PS5)

Not to be confused with “Ghost of Tsushima” or the Director’s cut, which happens to be a full single-player adventure, “Ghost of Tsushima: Legends” is actually the standalone cooperative multiplayer counterpart for the game. So while it’s not the same game, it’s is quite a similar sort of experience.

You get to choose from one of four different classes – Assassin, Hunter, Ronin, or Samurai – Then you get to play online with your friends in one of four game modes. You get to team up with a friend and play the game through story missions, bring in three friends along to see how long you can hold out in survival, or see who is the best fighter in 2-0n-2 Rivals combat.


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