Three main signs that you are in a toxic relationship

Speaking of Three main signs that you are in a toxic relationship, in relationships, there are way too many people walking around wounded. I’m referring to the number of people who feel unfulfilled or worse, emotionally down, ignored, abandoned, or abused in their intimate relationships.

Three main signs that you are in a toxic relationship

It seems that everywhere we look, we see and hear about these people who are unhappy and emotionally downcasted, often severely, in their quest to feel loved.

Three main signs that you are in a toxic relationship – Questions to Reflect On

Your relationship is in a very big mess if the answer to these questions is affirmative.

  • Does your intimate relationship no longer feel intimate?
  • Does it seem not so enjoyable, even though you may still love your partner?
  • Do you feel not understood for who you are and the needs you have?
  • Does it seem that you often seem to rub each other the wrong way?
  • Do you find that you can’t seem to stop arguing over even minor issues?
  • Have you started to dread the thought of seeing them, instead of looking forward to your time together as you once did?

3 Relationship Toxins

There are three top signs of toxic relationships. If your relationship has these three signs, then it has to be saved quickly;

Passive-aggressive behavior

A very good and common example of passive-aggressive behavior is if you can feel something is wrong, but when you ask, “What’s going on?” the other person says, “I’m fine,” or, “Nothing,” and then punishes you by giving you the silent treatment.

Annoying right, but it’s a huge sign indeed. A big problem with having a passive-aggressive partner is that conflicts can’t be effectively identified, discussed, and managed. Let’s take a little more look at the form of passive-aggressive behavior known as the silent treatment.

Do they deprive you of affection and attention, avoid discussing this, but then complain that you are too needy? Do you have a feeling that every time you try to clear the air, he or she disappears right into it? Do they avoid or bluntly refuse to go to counseling? Avoidance combined with silence is a classic passive-aggressive form of relationship toxicity, one that often gets progressively worse over time.

Criticism and contempt

According to relationship researcher John Gottman, criticism and contempt are very hazardous and destructive for loving relationships. Some signs of criticism and contempt may include a partner making fun of you. Contempt can also appear as one partner criticizing the other in public.

Acting superior also conveys a message of contempt and toxicity. To experience the one you love, or once loved, throwing all these at you is highly demoralizing and emotionally unhealthy.

You feel hopelessly lost in negative energy

A healthy relationship is characterized by peace, both partners being relaxed and like themselves, most of the time. In toxic connections, the “good periods” that were so common at the beginning start to diminish and further in between, and rarely last long.

If you constantly have the exhaustive feeling in a relationship, it’s time to think about exiting. When you’re in a relationship laden with problems, you likely feel wiped out, beaten down, emotionally bankrupt, numb, and sad.

Even more upsetting, the times you do positively connect end up being in vain because the positive vibes get swallowed up by the negative energy. The best advice for a toxic relationship is quitting, especially if your partner is unwilling to work it out with you. Further research can be done on Google.


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