How to Limit Instagram Usage on Android and iOS

How to Limit Instagram Usage on Android and iOS. Recently, Instagram and its parent company Meta, have become more aware of how much time we all spend on our devices and on social media platforms.

How to Limit Instagram Usage on Android and iOS

While there are tons of ways available on iOS and Android to manage your time, through screenTime and Digital Wellbeing, for example, Instagram has its own take that would help you in managing your time on the app.

But seeing as these features are useful, they can be hard to find and customize to the way you like, and because of that, we have laid out how you can make use of the three features that Instagram has made available to better help manage your daily usage.

How to Limit Instagram Usage on Android and iOS

Head to “Your Activity”

Launch your profile and press the three lines on the top right, then click on ‘your Activity’

Choose ‘Time Spent’ in this List

There would gain access to a bunch of options that would help you manage your data, your search history, archived content, and more. Head over to ‘Time Spent’ in this list.

Two Usage Options available to Choose

you are presented with two options here, but both can be enabled if you want to. The first is ‘Set reminder to breaks’, which would alert you after 10, 20 or 30 minutes to take a break via a full-screen notification.

A Daily Time limit Should be Set

The next option is for you to set a daily limit. The daily limit you set can be 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, or probably 3 hours. Once the time runs out, you Instagram usage for the rest of the day would be stopped.

Manage your Notifications

However, if you wish to manage your usage by changing the notifications, you can also do this by heading to ‘Notification settings’, and selecting ‘pause All’ for a particular time.


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