Twitch Streaming Returns to Xbox

Twitch Streaming Returns to Xbox. Streamers that are dedicated to the Xbox system can now celebrate: the company stated that twitch integration is returning to the Xbox Dashboard. This feature is not a new feature, technically, because the console was offering direct access to the streaming services.

Twitch Streaming Returns to Xbox

However, Xbox took out this feature for quite a while now, leaving its console owners to use more complicated methods for streaming their gaming sessions. Xbox stated that they teamed up with twitch to bring back the feature-based feedback from players.

Twitch Streaming Returns to Xbox

Twitch remains a popular destination for streamers and it is likely the platform of choice for a lot of gamers that want to build their own audiences. Direct integration in Xbox Dashboard makes the platform that is more accessible for all those that are just starting and, as stated by Xbox, you should have access to the newly returned feature at the moment.

Let’s say you want to make use of it, the company stated that you would be required to follow a few steps to get started, including linking your Twitch account with your Xbox One, Xbox Series X, or Xbox Series S.

Setting up Twitch on Xbox

If you happen to have one of the three Xbox Models, you can choose to find the “re-engineered” Twitch integration under the console’s “capture and share” tab, according to Xbox. Within the tab, choose “Live Streaming” to launch the streaming options menu.

You would be offered the twitch integration and a helpful of the most useful features that are related to it, including the “Go live now” button. Before that’ll work, however, you would be required to get your phone and scan the QR code that’s presented in order to link your Twitch account with the console. Alternatively, there’s a website link for users that cannot scan the code.

Once you have linked it, you get to figure out the settings to meet your needs, including whether you want the microphone toggled on. If you want your viewers to be able to see you and hear you, you would need to connect a webcam and headset to the console, otherwise, it is only the gameplay that would be broadcast on twitch.

Xbox is now granting access to some other controls, as well, including sliders for adjusting the microphone and game volumes levels, the ability for you to select the bitrate and resolution that you want to stream at, and a toggle for controlling if party audio is added to the stream.


By choosing “Go Live Now” you would immediately start broadcasting via the settings that you have selected, so be sure it’s set up the way you want before tapping on that button. Xbox stated that its viewers will automatically be offered a “pause” screen if you switch games while you are live.


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