Whatsapp, a New and Profitable  Platform For Marketing

Unlike what so many people think, WhatsApp is a profitable and effective platform for marketing. The concept that WhatsApp is a new marketing platform is not completely true. Whatsapp has been here for a long time. And it is here to stay.

Whatsapp, a New and Profitable  Platform For Marketing

The fact that there isn‘t any sort of algorithm that limits your reach should make every business person or organization take advantage of the platform. The green app for a very long time has been very useful for communication, and entertainment. Now you can transcend all that without breaking all the rules and make a huge profit from the platforms.

Whatsapp, a New and Profitable  Platform For Marketing

There has been a very huge shift in the lifestyle of people as technology shifts. Some years before, people would wake up in the morning to check their emails first, that single fact made email marketing very effective until now. Nowadays people are beginning to do the same thing with WhatsApp.

In fact, they now check their WhatsApp pages first before their emails. The open rate of WhatsApp has long exceeded the open rate of email, therefore, all businesses should take advantage of this exciting and profitable platform.

Can Whatsapp Be Used For Business?

Absolutely, you can use WhatsApp for business. This is because your everyday customers are now more present on WhatsApp than any other social media platform. Whatsapp encourages personal relationships, that is why you must have the phone numbers of any body before having access to them on WhatsApp.

This is what every business needs on every level. You have to relate with your customers on a personal level. So which ever way you want to do it, even if it is as a customer service tool, your business should be on WhatsApp.

Benefits Of Using Whatsapp For Business?

Using WhatsApp for your business can be very beneficiary, below are the benefits you can reap from doing business on WhatsApp.

  • It enables convenient two-way communication
  • It helps in improved customer care
  • It can enable a wider and global reach
  • It ensures added security with customer messages
  • It enables message templates
  • You can save lots and lots of time by using quick replies
  • And ultimately, you can have more sales with WhatsApp.

How Can I Market My Products On WhatsApp

There are different ways to use WhatsApp as a marketing weapon for your business. There are three ways to use this app to market your products, these are;

  • Broadcast messages
  • Whatsapp statuses
  • Whatsapp text status

Below are ten tips that you can use to increase your sales on WhatsApp

  • Create a broadcast list
  • Use Group Chat
  • Offer Customer Service on WhatsApp
  • Get Feedback from your customers
  • Engage in personalized customer communication
  • Call your customers
  • Share promotions and sales on your WhatsApp status
  • Partner with influencers and complementary businesses
  • Always create and share quality contents
  • Use third-party apps for analytics

Conclusively, do not get left out entirely from the equation, use WhatsApp to get the best sales for your business today. Further research can be done on Google.


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