Can You Search For Someone On Facebook Dating

Can you search for someone on Facebook dating? This is one of the most asked questions by users new to the Facebook dating service.

Can You Search For Someone On Facebook Dating

Can You Search For Someone On Facebook Dating

In general, you cannot search to know if other users are making use of the service. But you can actually search through your matches on the service. It is that simple

The answer to the question of whether it is possible to search for people on Facebook dating can only be answered if you know how the service works. And in this post, you are going to be learning everything that there is to know about the Facebook dating app and service.

But before then, for the benefit of those persons that do not know about the platform or how it works, what is Facebook dating?

What Is Facebook Dating

Facebook dating is Facebook’s official online dating service. With this service by Facebook, users with a dating profile can easily and readily find love with other users who are also making use of the service. Facebook Dating has been around for some years now, but the feature and services are still not available in all regions with access to Facebook.

How Facebook Dating Works

Facebook dating is very peculiar. And although it works like a traditional online dating platform it is very unique. The service has got some really tasty features that you will not find on other platforms and guess what, it is free. You do not have to pay in order to make use of the services unlike many other big players in the online dating industry like tinder.

There is no official website or standalone app for Facebook dating. The feature is incorporated into the Facebook main profile and can only be accessed via the Facebook mobile app for iOS and Android devices.

Facebook will suggest other users for you on the dating platform. But Facebook dating will not suggest your friends to you. The service however will only suggest those that you are not familiar with such as friends of your friends, anyone that is not in your circle.

You can however make use of the secret crush feature within the Facebook dating service if you wish to add and match with your Facebook friends. Secret crush allows you to add up to nine Facebook and Instagram friends to a list.

This set of persons will be notified and when they add you back, it’s a match and until then your identity is anonymous. And if you are not added back by them, your identity will remain hidden.

How to Set Up a Dating Profile on Facebook

Setting up a dating profile on Facebook is easy. To do this;

  • Open the Facebook mobile app and tap the hamburger icon.
  • Select dating from the extended menu.
  • Enable your location and add a profile picture.
  • Follow the prompts to finish setting up your dating profile.

Information from your Facebook account will be used in completing your dating profile.


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