Jobs at TaskUs – Work for TaskUs With Various Jobs and Careers Opportunities

Have you heard of TaskUs? Many people have heard of this company and also many companies all over the globe are utilizing the services of the platform and company.

Jobs at TaskUs

For those persons who have however not heard about the platform or what it is all about, I will be centering on jobs at TaskUs and from which you can get a clue as to what the platform is all about.

Jobs at TaskUs

TaskUs is an outsourcing company that is based in the IS. This company handles content moderation for many companies all over the world including social media giants Facebook and doordash. And for the benefit of those that do not know about the company, here is a little review of the history of TaskUs and how it came to be.

TaskUs is a place to be who you are. The company has a culture of directing the reflection of people as a collective spirit. And if you wish to start or build a career with them, it is very possible. TaskUs offers job opportunities to willing and available individuals seeking job and career opportunities on the platform.

TaskUs always update and post job openings and opportunities on their career page on their website. On this page, you can select from any of the posted jobs that suit you or you can also make a search for your preferred type of job. To access the careers page at TaskUs;

  • Go to TaskUs Careers and select or click on the explore opportunities tab.
  • On the next page, you will find lots of job openings and opportunities. The last time I checked out the platform I was provided with 763 results in regards to job opportunities and openings.
  • You can also enter the type of job you prefer on the search bar to make a specific search.

That’s it. After locating what you’re looking for, you can apply with the company immediately.

A Brief History of TaskUs

TaskUs was founded by two high school friends and business partners, Bryce Maddock and Jasper Weir back in 2008 in California, Santa Monica to be precise. The company however moved its headquarters from California to San Antonio, Texas in 2017 and then again to New Braunfels, Texas in 2018.

Early funding for TaskUs included a $15 million fund from Navegar which is a private equity fund based in the Philippines and also a $14 million loan fund from bridge bank. In 2018, TaskUs received funding in investments of $250 million from Blackstone group.

Fast forward to 2020, the revenue of the company rose 33% more to $478 million. The company has had its initial public offering and it took place in June 2021. The revenue for TaskUs in the first half of 2021 alone was $332.9 million.

The current CEO of the company is one of the co-founders Bryce Maddock. Another co-founder of the company, jasper weir also sits on the board of directors’ sit of the company.

Services Offered By TaskUs

The main aim and objective of this company is so simple. TaskUs is poised to provide content moderation for various companies all over the world. Also, they offer content security, AI operations, and consulting services.

The principal operations of TaskUs are in the Philippines with almost 70% amounting to 190,000 of its employees located there. 4000 more employees on the other hand are located in the United States. In total, TaskUs has up to 27,500 employees scattered across eight countries all over the world.

About 30% of the company’s revenue comes from providing content moderation services for Facebook. 12% of its revenue on the other hand comes from doordash. TaskUs customers include some prominent names in the tech industry including Coinbase, zoom, Netflix, tinder, whisper, AutoDesk, and uber.


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