Valentine’s Cover Photos for Facebook – How to Upload Cover Photo on Facebook for Valentine

Are you looking for Valentine’s Cover Photos for Facebook? We all know Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world right now. It is popularly used to make new friends, find old ones, and chat. Facebook allows you to chat in private or in groups.

Valentine Cover Photos for Facebook

As Valentine’s day is approaching, we can all breathe the love in the air. Valentine’s day is a day to show love, to your partner or spouse. Now it is not only your spouse or partner you can share the valentine love with. You can share it with family and friends and everyone you know using valentine cover photos for Facebook.

Now, you might be imagining how it is possible to spread love on valentine’s day using any of the valentine’s cover photos for Facebook.

Valentine’s Cover Photos for Facebook

Ok, well, this is how it works. Your cover photo is on your profile. This photo doesn’t need to carry your own picture, as it can just be seen as a wallpaper or a background.

Now all you need to do is get the perfect Valentine’s image that represents your thoughts and wishes. Next, upload this valentine’s cover photo on your Facebook profile.

You might be wondering how this actually spreads love and wish your friends and family a happy valentine, this is it. Once the valentine’s cover photo is uploaded on your Facebook profile, anyone that visits your profile will see this cover photo and its content (which by the way, will be a heartfelt and warm word of love to friends and family).

Now that you know this, why not take a look at how you can actually do it, well if that is what is your mind, you are in the right place because we will also be showing you how to do it.

How to Upload Cover Photo on Facebook for Valentine’s

Once you know how to upload cover photos on Facebook then it will never be a problem for you to able to upload a valentine cover photo on Facebook because they basically follow the same step. Here, we will be showing you how to upload a cover photo on Facebook, follow the instructions below to know how to upload a valentine cover photo for Facebook.

  1. Make sure you are connected to the internet.
  2. Open Facebook and log in to your account.
  3. Once on your account, tap the options then tap your name or your profile photo.
  4. Tap the camera icon at the top-right edge of your cover photo.
  5. Tap Upload a Photo to upload one directly from your gallery, you can also tap Select from Album to choose a photo from an album.
  6. Select the valentine cover photo you would like to upload. Drag and pinch or zoom to edit.
  7. Finally, tap Use.

After completing the above steps, your cover photo will change to a valentine cover photo and anyone who views your profile will see your valentine cover photo. After the holiday, if you want, you can take down the valentine’s cover photo and upload something else.

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