Valentine’s on Facebook – How to Send Gift Messages on Facebook Messenger

Hurray, it’s Valentine’s day. What are we going to be doing today? We are going to be spreading the love around. We are to show love to everyone around us and to those whom we love. There are a lot of ways that we can celebrate this Valentine. But have you heard of Valentine on Facebook?

Valentine's on Facebook

Yes, I said Valentine’s on Facebook. This is to tell you that you can really celebrate Valentine on Facebook, you can show love to those you love on Facebook. Celebrating Valentine on Facebook is only possible with people that have a FB account. So you can as well invite your friends and family to join the FB platform so that you can show them love too.

Celebrate Valentine’s on Facebook

Celebrating Valentine on Facebook is possible through the Facebook Messenger app. FB has added Valentine’s day button to its Messenger app. This Valentine’s button lets you send a gift-wrapped message to your Valentine today through FB Messenger app.

Also, note that this gift feature applies only to text as it does not work on emojis or images. This feature is only possible through the FB Messenger app. Even if you have the main FB app, you will also need to download FB Messenger app. So hurry up now to download FB Messenger app now that the day is not over yet.

Download Facebook Messenger App

I will be showing you how you can download the FB Messenger app so that you can make the best out of this Valentine’s season. Here is how to download the FB Messenger app.

Now that you have FB Messenger app, you can share love with your friends and family on FB.

How to Send Gift Messages on Facebook Messenger

After you have downloaded FB messenger, the next thing to do is to send Valentine gifts to those you wish to send to. Here is how to go about it.

  • First, you need to start by creating a new message or by opening an already existing conversation.
  • In the message box, type the message that you want the gift wrapped.
  • Then tap on the sticker button that is on the right-hand side of the message box.
  • Next, click on effects.
  • Choose the gift and that’s all.

The gift-wrapped message will be sent instantly as soon as you tap the gift effect. The receiver will be able to see the message by tapping to unwrap.

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