Procera of South Africa Eyes Foreign Markets with $18.8 Million Funding From Vantage Capital

Procera of South Africa eyes foreign markets with $18.8 million funding from vantage Capital. A company in South Africa called Procera Group, which helps businesses with tasks like customer service, has gotten a big boost.

Procera Eyes Foreign Markets

They received R346 million ($18.8 million) from a company called Vantage Capital, which focuses on investing in Africa.

Procera Eyes Foreign Markets

Apart from giving Procera money to grow through buying other companies, Vantage Capital is also buying a small part of Procera from its original owners. Procera wants to use this new money and support to expand its services to other countries.

Procera started in 1990 helping businesses collect debts. But over the years, it has become more than that. Now, it offers lots of different services to businesses, all in one place.

They’ve improved their services using new technologies like smart AI, smart predictions, and communication across different channels. And in the process making things easier for their customers and their own company.

Companies Procera Work With

Procera works with big companies in South Africa and other countries. The cimoany helps them in industries like shopping, money, energy, and phones. They have more than 2,700 people working for them. Vantage Capital, the company giving Procera the money, is happy to work with Procera’s good team and investors who have been with them for a long time.

“Vantage sees a tremendous opportunity for both job creation as well as a positive economic impact as Procera continues its rapid international expansion and drives market-leading technological solutions in the BPO space,” Ramdenee revealed.

South Africa Is Considered the Best Place for Business Process Outsourcing

South Africa is considered the best place for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). And this is because of its young talent, good time zone, and excellent customer service.

Even though the global BPO market is expected to grow by 8.5% each year until 2029, South Africa’s market is predicted to do even better, growing by 13% every year.

Warren van der Merwe, who leads Vantage Capital, said it’s tough to find South African companies that can compete well in other countries. And most especially with the economy not doing so great. However, he’s excited about investing in Procera’s growth.

Vantage’s Long-Term Support for Procera

Procera is happy to have Vantage’s long-term support and the expertise of its investors as they plan to expand into international markets. PWC helped with the financial side of the investment, and Werksmans gave legal advice to Vantage.



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