Mastodon’s Recent Update Simplifies News Following

Mastodon’s Android app has introduced lists, but it’s uncertain when or if they will arrive on iOS and the web.

Mastodon's Recent Update Simplifies News Following
Mastodon’s Recent Update Simplifies News Following

Mastodon, the decentralized alternative to Twitter, is introducing lists to its Android app, as mentioned in a blog post by CEO and founder Eugen Rochko. The most recent Mastodon for Android update brings lists into the fold.

Mastodon’s Recent Update Simplifies News Following

Rochko explains, “With the new update, you now have the ability to create custom lists and categorize your follows based on specific topics or interests, while removing them from your home feed. This not only helps in decluttering your home feed but also allows you to engage with certain topics on your own terms, when you are ready.” Additionally, the update includes a redesigned home tab to facilitate easy navigation between your home feed, lists, and hashtags.

Future Expansion Plans and Ongoing Improvements

Rochko didn’t provide details regarding when or if lists might be introduced to iOS or the web. We’ve reached out to Mastodon for information on when this feature might be added. However, Rochko did mention that “our iOS and web teams are also working diligently on new features and improvements.

While these updates are relatively minor, lists, in particular, could prove to be a highly valuable addition for those who are enthusiastic about Mastodon. In the past, I maintained several lists on X (formerly Twitter) that I found to be quite useful. They served as a convenient means to receive updates from individuals and accounts without having them constantly appear in my home feed.

Mastodon has been consistently enhancing its platform, introducing improved search and onboarding processes.

Additionally, it encourages new users to create accounts on, the largest server within the Mastodon network. However, despite X’s changing landscape, Mastodon, operating on the ActivityPub framework, faces strong competition from other Twitter alternatives.

These include Bluesky, which is developing its own decentralized social networking protocol, and Meta’s Threads, which has pledged to integrate with ActivityPub in the future.

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