Google Maps Update Now Allows Users to Wipe Out Past Searches and Photos Simultaneously

Google Maps update now allows users to wipe out past searches and photos simultaneously. This new update in question is a part of a couple of new privacy features just introduced to the platform.

Google Maps Update

Google Maps Update

Google Maps is reportedly getting a privacy update that gives users new mediums to effectively control their information on the platform.

First, the app in question will start collecting your recent activity into one big and accessible central location where you can easily view places that you have been to in the past, the date that you went there, as well as the amount of time that you spent visiting. You will be even able to “delete your searches, directions… and shares” in the same hub.

How the New Feature Will Work According To Google

Looking at the announcement by Google, it seems that you can delete each entry one after the other or the whole thing altogether. A window in question as you should know will pop up on the screen allowing you to know what is going to be thrown out. The data packet on the other hand will include photos, reviews, feedback reports, saved lists, and many more that you have made about a certain location.

Tapping on the blue dot on Google Maps will now bring up a settings menu for the Timeline as well as the Location History features where you can get to see if either tool has been turned on and also if the app has access to the location of your device. Timeline, if it is that you are not super familiar with it, makes use of data gotten from Location History to keep a record of all the places that you have been to.

When Will the New Features Be Available?

The deletion tool as well as the blue dot menu will begin rolling out to Android and iOS devices over the next couple of weeks.



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