Apple Maps New Features 2023

Apple Maps 2023 is getting a new feature, this feature enables you to connect to Local restaurants, hotels, and many more. This feature is truly a huge milestone for Apple Maps.

Apple Maps New Features 2023

It seems that Apple Map might have caught up with Google Maps when it comes to the navigation section long ago, but speaking based on details, there is more things to be covered by Apple.

In other, for Google to compete with Google’s very large Database of business information, Apple decided to announce Business Connect.

Apple Maps New Features 2023

With this tool, small businesses would be able to manage the information and imagery that customers see when stumbling upon the business entry on Maps and other Apple services, like Apple Messages, Apple Wallet, and Siri. More than just the information, Businesses also get to enhance their presence by showing seasonal and promotional offers, quick links to make bookings and reservations, and more.

According to Eddy Cue, Apple’s SVP of Services, he stated that “We created Business Connect to provide Apple users around the world with the most accurate information for places to eat, shop, travel, and more.” Business connect would be launching in the United States first, but others across the world would be getting the feature with time.

For Small Businesses

While some of these elements have been out of place for select business partners in the past, business connect would invite any small business right into the fold. You would not be required to jump through plenty of hassle just to take advantage also.

As stated by Apple, it is just as simple as signing up at the business connect website making use of an Apple ID, and submitting your business details. Once your business has been verified by Apple, you would be able to display your presence via customizing everything, starting from your business hours and location to images, logo, and even the menus of your restaurant.

If your business has more than one location, Apple integrates with a number of top listing agencies in other to ensure that every instance of your business is showing the most accurate information for each location.

What Other New Features Are on Apple Maps?

This guide would be offering you highlights of the features that are new to the Maps in iOS 16, which is now available for all devices that are eligible. They include:

  • Multi-Stop Routing
  • Plan Routes on Mac
  • Maps Interface Updates
  • Transit Cards in Maps
  • Transit Fares
  • Photo Use Permissions


It would take Apple quite some time to match the ubiquity of Google Maps. The Platform mainly relies on the depth of information it offers via Knowledge graph and its own free-for-all approach to business management. But Business connects sounds like a huge stride toward that standard.


Has Apple Maps Improved?

For quite a while now, Apple has been introducing some amazing new features and significant improvements to Apple Maps. Apple also corrected some lingering errors that troubled users.

What is New on iOS 15 Maps?

With iOS 15, Apple Maps has introduced step-by-step walking guidance in augmented reality. Users get simply raise their iPhones to scan buildings in the area, and the Map generates a highly accurate position to deliver more detailed information on directions that can be viewed in the context of the real world.

Google Maps or Apple Maps Which is Better?

Clearly, Google Maps is the clear winner for the amount of data present and available. The sources it has gathered, a vast collection of information gathered from businesses, websites, users, and many more. Apple Maps has tons of data also, but even if it makes use of crowdsourced data similar to Google, it is not sourcing from as many locations.

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