How to Fix Xbox Series X Always Crashing

Are you interested in How to Fix Xbox Series X Always Crashing? Recently, Microsoft released the Xbox Series X in November of 2020 as the Xbox One successor. Ever since its launch, the Xbox Series X has maintained its stature as one of the most powerful gaming consoles that are available on the market.

How to Fix Xbox Series X Always Crashing

All thanks to the eight-core Zen 2 processor that is based on AMD’s RDNA 2 architecture and 16GB of GDDR6 RAM, the console is able to run your favorite game in 4K resolution at around 120 frames per second. Plus, Microsoft keeps on releasing updates for the Xbox Series X, improving it with time.

Xbox Series X Crashing Issues

However, like a lot of other gaming consoles, Xbox Series X faces issues too, and one of the most common issues is that the users are faced with is unexpected shutdowns. Some of the users are faced with issues upon loading a game, while others report would random shutdowns.

The Xbox Series X crashing issue might happen for several reasons, which include overheating, software glitches, corrupt data, and system bug files. Ever since it is difficult for you to determine what is causing the console to crash. We recommend trying a series of fixes that addresses all the issues. Make your console handy and follow the given instructions carefully.

Check if The Console is Overheating

You might not notice it while you are playing your favorite game, but the component inside the console would generate heat, especially when you are running a game at high graphic settings. The console’s cooling system in place, but if you place it in an area that is poorly ventilated or place an object at ventilation vents, the console could overheat.

Once the temperature of the device goes far beyond what the console can handle, it would immediately shuts down. Microsoft recommends that the users check if the console has turned too hot. The steps below have been recommended by Microsoft in case the console gets too hot to touch.

  • First, disconnect all the cables
  • Allows the console to cool down, leave it for at least one hour
  • Meanwhile, transfer the console to a well-ventilated space. Check to see if the vents on the top and bottom of the consoles are open, as dust accumulations could block these vents.
  • Once all heat has been lost from the console, reconnect all the cables and then turn it right back on.

Based on the way it is designed, the Xbox Series X can be placed either horizontally or vertically. But users are expected to maintain 4-6 inches of clearance on all sides. Plus, make it a habit for you to clean your Xbox Series X at least every once in a while. In other to clean the ventilation vents, all that is required of you is a microfiber cloth. Also, Microsoft also requests that users keep the Xbox Series X away from heat sources.

Force Restart the Console

Sometimes, the issues might be a software glitch trouble happening on your console, but it is an easy way to fix such glitches. Hard resetting the console might be very helpful. Restore all the system resources to default, which might actually repair the glitch. Furthermore, this method also would reset the internal power supply unit of the Xbox Series X

  • First, make sure that the Xbox button is not glowing, indicating that the console has turned itself off.
  • Unplug the power cable straight from the source and the other end from the console.
  • Wait for at least five minutes and then reconnect the power cable right in the outlet and the console.
  • Press the power button on your console to switch it on and see if the console works fine. If the crashing occurs when loading a particular game, try loading the game once more.

While Microsoft calls this an internal power reset, this method also goes with the name power cycling the Xbox Series X. Seeing as it is a combination of rebooting and resetting the power supply unit, it should help with fixing any glitch issues or a power surge.

Reset your Console

Resetting your console is quite helpful in getting your console fixed, even though it takes out most of your data. Resetting your console would erase everything you set up the console to erase, excluding data related to games and apps. Below I have put together the steps to reset your console.

  • First, press the Xbox button on the controller
  • Then select “Profile & system, then settings
  • Then on the system menu, open console info.
  • Then select Reset console and select from the options below:
  1. Reset and remove everything
  2. Reset and keep my games & apps
  3. Cancel

Change your Gaming Profile

Sometimes, changing your gaming profile can help get the issues fixed. So, you can create a new one or use another existing profile on your console.

  • First, hit the Xbox button right on your controller
  • Then select Profile and system
  • Then click on add or switch
  • If your console already has over one profile, switch to another to see if it works fine.
  • If you are faced with the freezing or crashing issue on the other profile, move on to the next fix.

With this, your profile would be changed. This has worked for some consoles, but if it fails to work for yours, you should consider resetting your console.


How do I Fix my Xbox Series X from Crashing?

The Xbox Series X might crash due to overheating, or a glitch on a game or the system itself. Usually, you can resolve the issue by resetting your console. Also, try swapping your player profiles and deleting/reinstalling game files that seem to trigger the crash.

How Do I Clear the System Cache

In other to clear the system cache, follow the steps stated below:

  • Push on the guide button on your controller, then head to settings, and then select system settings.
  • Select storage
  • Then highlight but do not select a storage device, and then press the Y button on your controller for device options
  • On the device options screen, then select Clear System Cache.

What Causes an Xbox to Crash?

The Xbox freezing or crashing issue might be caused by a bad network connection. Also, you can check your Xbox Live connection via the following steps: launch the Guide and head to system > Settings > General > Network Settings.

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