How to Block YouTube on Chromebook

Here i would be giving you details on How to Block YouTube on Chromebook. Are you looking for the best choice of a laptop to get for your kid, Then Chromebook got you covered on your choice.

How to Block YouTube on Chromebook

The best choice for classwork, homework, and group projects. Parents could help with the control of the Chromebook to prevent distraction for the kids, parents could also block apps that could distract them from learning.

There are things or information you should know: On your Chrome Web Store and search for a site-blocking extension, or as an alternative, you could download a third-party blocking app.

You could add YouTube to the extension or app’s block list that would block access to the website. To restrict access, look for an app that needs a password or pin to make changes or remove it from the Chromebook.

How to Block Access to YouTube on Chromebook with an Extension

  • You search for extensions from the Chrome Web Store and choose the one you want. To search for them, you type into the search bar “site blocker” or “video blocker”. When you have seen the extension you want, then you add it to Chrome, to add the extension you click on add extension to verify.

Different Types of Chrome Extensions for Chromebook

There are different types of chrome extensions for Chromebook and there are listed below:

  • Buffer.
  • Checker Plus for Gmail.
  • Downloads.
  • Evernote Web Clipper.
  • FireShot.
  • Keep Amazon Price Tracker.
  • Looper for YouTube.
  • Momentum.
  • OneTab.
  • RSS Feed Reader.

There are many other opinions on the Chrome extension you could try on your Chromebook.

  • At the right top corner, click on the puzzle icon, then click on the three dots in vertical form, and that would lead you to the Menu.
  • There you would see options that give you access to block any site you want.

How to block YouTube with Google Family Link

Restricting your child’s usage of Chromebook. This is the following way to block YouTube with Google Family Link:

  • First you open the Family Link app.
  • Then choose the child you would love to set rules for.
  • Click on Manage settings.’
  • Then tap on Google Chrome.
  • Click on Manage sites and tap blocked.
  • If you are asked, you input
  • Then click on save to make the changes effective.

Setting up Google Family Link

To set up the Google Family link, follow the steps below:

  • If you do not have the Google Family link, then download the app to your phone to get started.
  • Create a Google account for your child then follow the steps that the Family link would show to be able to link both your child’s account and your Google account. But if your child already has a Google account, then you just have to link the two accounts together with the steps outlined by Family Link.
  • Once the two accounts have been linked, then your children can sign in to their devices using the new linked account.
  • Family Link gives you access to be able to set digital rules that guide your family.

How to Block Access to YouTube on Chromebook with an App

  • At the Google Play store, search for a site blocker or any app that you can use on other devices. Look at some suggestions for site blockers:
  1. Friday Chrome extension.
  2. Freedom.
  3. Cold Turkey Blocker.
  4. Self-control.
  5. FocusMe.
  6. Blocksite Chrome Extension.
  7. Forest.
  8. FocalFilter. And many others.
  • Download and install the app to your Chromebook.
  • After installing, follow every onscreen that follows after.

You have three options to use to be able to block YouTube on Chromebook, you could use Google Family Link, an app, or an extension. So keep your kids focused even when using their devices.

How to Limit YouTube time on Chromebook?

To limit the time your kids his/her device, well this is the step to follow to limit YouTube time use on Android or ChromeOS devices:

  • Navigate to the Family Link app.
  • Then select your child.
  • Click on controls App limits.
  • Then choose the app you wish to limit time usage and set the limit to the amount of time you want your child to use the app.
  • Click on Done to finalize the setup.


What is the best idea to completely block YouTube?

To completely block YouTube, then you should follow the steps below by using a browser extension:

  • Open YouTube on your browser.
  • Choose the extension icon that is located at the right corner of the browser.
  • Click on the Block site extension.
  • Tap on the Block this site button.

You have successfully blocked YouTube on your browser.

Can I block some websites on your Chromebook?

Can I block some websites on your Chromebook? Yes, you can. As it is part of chrome enterprise admin, you can block and allow URLs that restrict the users of the website can visit.

How to block YouTube for Kids?

The majority of what is shown on YouTube happens to be for Adults, and such contents are not okay for kids. To block YouTube for kids, you go to the about tab on the channel page > Tap on report user > Choose the “block channel for kids” option. The last option “block channel for kid” would show if only your kid’s account is registered with a linked parent account.

How to block websites on chrome with an Android device?

To be able to block websites on chrome with an Android device, follow the steps below:

  • Download and Install the BlockSite app from Google Play Store.
  • Then follow the app’s instructions to access your Phone’s privacy settings.
  • After the setup of the app, click on the “+” symbol and type in the website that you choose to block into the search bar.

How to put a time lock on YouTube?

To put a time lock on YouTube. This feature is limited to YouTube’s android and iOS-based apps. To use it:

  • Step 1: Navigate to the YouTube app on your device.
  • Go to the settings.
  • Under the settings, you would see the option to put on a reminder for when is a bed on or off.

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