How to Delete Duplicate Contacts on Android Phones

Are you interested in How to Delete Duplicate Contacts on Android Phones? Maintaining your address book on your mobile device can sometimes become a daunting task, especially if you have hundreds of contact entries.

How to Delete Duplicate Contacts on Android Phones

If you happen to own an Android device, then you should know that there is no general set of guidelines for you to follow for you to be able to clean up your contacts list, but the process can turn out to be stress full. The menu layout and features might vary based on the Android phone you are making use of and the operating system version that it is running on.

Contacts on Android Phones

If the Android Phone you are making use of comes with Built-in Android apps, you should be offered access to features that automatically merge duplicate contacts. If the detection feature misses some entries that refer to the same individual, you should be able to manually select address book cards in other to combine them into one page.

Some Android Phone manufacturers are also offering some similar functionality via apps that they build themselves, but you might need to head right through a series of steps in other to get it done.

How to Consolidate Duplicate Contacts on Most Android Phone Models

By default, a lot of Android phone brands run Google apps instead of ones designed by the device manufacturer or phone carrier. Here is how you can merge multiple address book listings for the same person on a stock Android device:

  1. First off, launch the contacts app and then select the right Google Account from the top-right corner of the screen.
  2. Tap on the “Fix and manage” tab located at the bottom of the screen
  3. Select “Merge &Fix.”
  4. If Google detects any duplicate contacts, you should see a “Merge duplicates” option on this page, which you can tap on in other to review entries. You can either hit “Merge” for individual merge contact suggestions or hit “Merge all” in other to accept all duplicate contact recommendations.

You can choose to alternatively launch the Google Phone app and go to the contacts tab. If there are any duplicate contacts, a pop-up should appear at the bottom of the screen. Hit “Clean up” to get to the “Merge duplicates” page and then follow step 4 listed above.

Overriding Google’s Duplicate Contact

Also you can override Google’s duplicate contact detection and manually merge address book entries that you are aware refer to the same person:

  1. Open the contacts app
  2. Then long-press on a contact entry in other to merge and launch the selection tool
  3. Once you have launched it, tap on the profile photo monogram of other contact entries that you would want to combine with the first one that is selected.
  4. Hit on the three-dot icon located at the top-right corner of the screen and then select merge.

if there was a mistake you made while merging the contacts, you would be given 30 days to unmerge them. Launch the contacts app, then tap on your profile located in the top-right corner of the page, and then hit “Contacts app settings.” Then scroll to the bottom and then select “Undo changes,” make the appropriate selections, then tap confirm. You need to take note that it would actually take some time for the changes to be reverted back to the way it was before the contacts were merged.

How to Remove Duplicate Contacts on Android Phone

Here is another method that you can use to remove duplicate contacts. The process is not complicated. The process includes:

  • Launch the contacts app on your Android Phone
  • Then tap on more or 3 dot icons from the top right corner of the screen
  • Then on the menu, tap on the merge contact option
  • Right on the next screen, tap on “all” to merge duplicate contacts, or head through the list and then select duplicate contacts that you would like to delete
  • Once you are done, tap on Merge from the top right corner of your screen.


Why do I Have 2 of the Same Contacts?

Duplicate contacts are really common, and they usually happen when you are syncing contacts from different sources like the cloud, your emails, or social media sites.

How do I Merge duplicate Contacts on Android?

  1. Open contacts, and then check the profile icon to make sure that you are using the correct Google account
  2. Tap fix and manage
  3. Tap merge and fix
  4. Tap merge duplicates
  5. Verify that the contacts are duplicates, and then tap merge or merge all
  6. Finally, tap on ok.

Why are my Contacts Doubled on my Android?

Sometimes your phone tends to create two or more two copies of a single contact. This mostly happens when you factory reset a device and you sync the contacts or change SIM and accidentally sync all contacts. This can completely clutter the contacts, making it a lot harder for you to navigate right through the contacts.

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