How to Play the Wordle Game – The Meaning of the Squares on Twitter

Wondering How to Play the Wordle Game? you will get all the steps required in this article. So much that, you will be an expert by the end of the day.

How to Play the Wordle Game

It’s an online riddle that expects players to figure another five-letter word consistently, in six attempts or less, and everybody gets a similar word.

You might have seen individuals sharing the dim, green, and yellow square examples on Twitter, which show how they performed on that day’s Wordle without offering the arrangement (inclining further toward that very soon).

How to Play the Wordle Game

As per the lovely New York Times profile of Wordle designer and computer programmer Josh Wardle (get it?), he formulated the game as a present for his accomplice Palak Shah, who loves word games and crossword puzzles.

The pair obviously got into the NYT Spelling Bee and day-by-day crossword games in 2020, and Wardle needed to make another game that Shah would like. The apparent shortage of the game – just one riddle each day – leaves the player needing more.

Where to Track Down Wordle

The game is online, so there’s no authority application to download (in spite of the fact that it’s not really for the absence of attempts by a couple of copycats). You can play utilizing a versatile or work area program; simply go to

You have until midnight when the world resets and a new word is there for you to guess. I often start a game, leave the browser tab open, and come back later as I try to figure out the correct word.

How to play Wordle

Everyone has their own strategy for how they approach that first blank grid of squares. Choosing a word that has a lot of vowels as your first guess is a solid plan;

Once you rule out the various vowels, it narrows the word choices significantly (and no, I am not telling you my secret starting word). Type in your word and hit “Enter.”

Letters that are in the world and are in the correct spot will then turn green, letters that are in the word but in a different spot will be yellow, and letters not in the word of the day will be gray.

Note that a green or yellow letter can appear in a word more than once for example, if you get one green “a,” there could be another “a” somewhere else in the word but you won’t necessarily know that until you play the next word.

And no fake words are allowed the game will throw you a “Not in word list” message if you try to enter AEIOU, for instance.

In the screenshot below, the keyboard shows letters you’ve guessed wrong (in other words that are not in the word) in dark gray or black and the letters you haven’t guessed yet in light gray. You’ll know you’ve won when all the letters turn green (and a compliment like “Impressive” appears).

The Meaning of the Squares on Twitter

Initially, Wardle didn’t make a sharing part for the game, yet in the wake of seeing clients on Twitter sharing their results utilizing green, yellow, and dark square emoticons.

He added an offer button that allows you to duplicate your results whenever you’ve finished the game in a manner that won’t allow away the day’s statement to any individual who hasn’t played it yet.

So in the matrix underneath, you can see I speculated totally off-base on the principal section, got two right letters perfectly positioned on the subsequent estimate, and speculated the word accurately on the third attempt (not terrible!).

Different Features Available on Wordle

There’s a high differentiation “visually challenged” rendition and a dull mode accessible; you can flip them on involving the stuff image in the upper right corner close to the word WORDLE.

Assuming you’re truly feeling fortunate, you can likewise flip on “Hard Mode,” which expects you to remember any clues for the following word. For example, in the first screen capture, in hard mode, I would need to incorporate the R, the T, and the O in my third conjecture (so RADIO wouldn’t have worked there).

It’s important that this show choice can be hard for the individuals who use screen perusers on the web, for example, individuals who have low vision.

Designer Cariad Eccleston, the originator of the, made a method for making your results open (h/t to Liam O’Dell for this tip). Glue the outcomes you duplicated from the Wordle site into the interpreter at, and you’ll get a text portrayal of how you did. Here is the present depiction:


Wordle 215 3/6

Line 1: Nothing.

Line 2: 4th and 5th perfect.

Line 3: Won!

Of course, since we are on the internet, Wordle’s grids have been meme-ified, repurposed for political messaging, and many other brands have tried to get in on the game’s popularity.

But Wardle told the BBC that he has no plans to include ads on the game and isn’t collecting or if not doing anything fishy with anyone’s data. This is one nice thing on the internet truly deserved.

How Do I Access Wordle on Android?

To access Wordle on Android, follow the steps below;

  • firstly, go to the wordle website in your chrome browser.
  • After doing that, click on the three dot menu at the top right corner of the page.
  • When you have done that, click on the download button from the options given.



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