It looks Like the End of the Road For The iPhone SE 4

It looks like the end of the road for the iPhone SE 4 as we might not be getting one from Apple.

It looks Like the End of the Road For The iPhone SE 4

It looks Like the End of the Road For The iPhone SE 4

It now looks very much likely that we will not be seeing or getting an iPhone SE 4. And with that being said, a cloud of doubt has now been cast over the foreseeable future of the entire series, with apparent doubts over the popularity of the lineup as well as its profitability thus causing Apple to reassess the status of the cheapest of the iPhones.

This news is coming from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who is more often correct than not when it comes to Apple matters. The analyst says that apple has told its suppliers that the iPhone SE 4 will not launch in 20024 or any other year.

Previous Rumors Surrounding the iPhone SE Lineup

This is however not the most surprising development as there had already been rumors that the next version of the iPhone SE was not guaranteed to make an appearance and it now sounds as if the fate of the handset has been sealed.

According to Kuo, there’s a subplot to consider as Apple was planning to use the iPhone SE 4 to debut its very own 5G chip which is developed in-house. There are however concerns that the performance of the chips may not be up to par with the Qualcomm chips that Apple uses for its phones at the moment.

Qualcomm as the Big Winner from the Cancellation Of The iPhone SE

This leaves Qualcomm as the big winner from the cancellation of the iPhone SE as it can now carry on with supplying apple with 5G chips for the foreseeable future. And of course, the iPhones already make use of processors that are designed by apple with the popular A16 Bionic inside the iPhone 14 Pro already.

This May Be the End for the Inexpensive iPhone Lineup

With the launch of the iPhone SE (2022) in the previous year which is the third in the series, we will not have to expect another until 2024. There are however serious doubts at the moment that will see a refresh of this inexpensive iPhone again, although apple does have a tendency of keeping older models of its flagship handsets on sale for a very much less expensive alternative.


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