Apple Premium VR Headset Specs, Release date and Pricing

in the next few years to come, Apple VR headsets and glasses would be taking up shape, and the first, the very first possibly given the name Apple Reality Pro and set to be launched This year, 2023. This could be the Premium Virtual Reality Headset.

Apple VR Headset

Apple VR Headset Release Date

As stated by Front Page Tech, Apple reporter and leaker mark Gurman later confirmed that the company is working on multiple headsets, and he even has a name for the very first one:

At least, there are around three Apple headsets in the works that I know of: N301, N602, and N421. The very first headset is what would most definitely end up being called the Apple Reality Pro.

If N301 turns out to be the code name for the VR headset, one of the other two is expected to correspond to the more affordable augmented reality headset that’s in the pipeline, dubbed Apple Glasses. Some reports claim that Apple Glasses is where the company wants to eventually invest most of its efforts, and that the VR headset would be the very first edition attempt in gauging development interest.

Apple Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo thinks Apple would be releasing the headset in January of 2023, believes in a general release date timeframe of 2Q23, with availability in stores by WWDC 2023.

Apple VR Headset Specs and Features


According to Reports, this first Generation Headset made by apple would come as an Oculus-style headset with a Knit mesh-wrapped body that is similar to the AirPods Max. The device could look more like a sleeker version of Google’s Daydream headset, which also carried an amazing fabric body.

So far, reports state that comfort would be an area of focus for the device. And it might be made of aluminum, glass, and carbon fiber to minimize the weight.


As stated by Reports from The information, the latency for most wireless earbuds or headphones is usually very high for it purposes, so the users would be left with one of two solutions. One would be a headband with integrated speakers, the other is to make use of recent AirPods models, which are able to enter an “ultra-low latency” mode when connected to the headset. The Headset would most likely carry the H2 Processors, which is the one found on the 2nd-gen AirPods Pro.


As a Mixed-Reality device, Apple’s glasses are rumored to handle both virtual and augmented reality via a pair of high-resolution OLED 4K screens made by Sony, including eye-tracking technology. The headset will reportedly feature more than a dozen cameras and sensors.

According to the Information, which would project a real-world view onto the screens as if you were looking through clear glass. It will presumably use either OLED or Mini LED and incorporate Apple’s Ceramic Shield coating as well.

Processor and Specs

As stated by Apple’s AR headset would have two processors, with higher-end processors having “Similar computing power as the M1 for Mac” and the secondary chip responsible for “sensor-related computing.” The sounds like a lot of processing power for a headset, but if the headset needs to power a pair of 4K displays. It would require a hug chip. Reports also say that it would have to be connected to an iPhone, much like the original Apple watch.

Also, Kuo reported that the headset is expected to support Wi-Fi 6E, which would also be rumored to come to the iPhone 14. It would also presumably have at least 8GB or RAM and a 256GB Hard drive. Nothing has been said about the battery life yet but stated that improving battery life will be a focus of the second-generation model. According to Kuo, the headset would come with the same 96W power adapter as the MacBook Pro, which suggests it would be carrying a big battery.


When it comes to pricing, rumors suggest that the very first iteration could be an extremely expensive device, possibly costing several thousand dollars. In December, a Display supply chain Consultants reports noted that volume estimates for the AR headset’s displays “Look low for next year,” which would most likely indicate that a high price tag.

With a Price tag that is out of reach for a lot of people, the AR headset would mainly be a proof of concept device for diehards and developers, but no less exciting to the future of Apple wearables.


Is Apple Coming Out with a VR Headset?

Gurman recently now confirmed in his latest Power on Newsletter that Apple might announce its very first VR headset around the spring of 2023, possibly during the WWDC 2023 event, and the device could finally go on sale by the year.

How Much Will the Apple VR Cost?

The pricing for the first model is expected to be between $2000 and $3000, so people don’t expect more than 500,000 units to be shipped in 2023.

What is the Cheapest Type of VR?

The Cheapest option available here is the “Google’s Cardboard headset” if you want a device that can run through 360-degree videos or interactive adventures.

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