The Best Nintendo Switch Controllers in 2023

The best Nintendo Switch controllers in 2023 would be properly detailed in this article, so if you are interested in getting your hands on a nice controller, then this content should be relevant. There are tons of options to choose from when it comes to Nintendo Switch controllers. The controllers on my list would suit your playing style and your budget.

The Best Nintendo Switch Controllers in 2023

When your Nintendo Switch is docked to your TV, playing your games on the device works best with a controller. So for gamers that prefer to play games using a controller, you should find this list very useful.

What Controller is Best for the Nintendo Switch?

The top spot of the list we would say is closely contested by the 8bitDO ultimate and the official Nintendo Pro Controller. The Pro Controller comes out great when it comes to battery life and amiibo support, well the 8bitDo ultimate just edges out all thanks to its amazing high build quality, better-feeling buttons, and triggers, and extras like Mappable button profiles and a charging dock included.

The Best Nintendo Switch Controllers in 2023

If you want a premium controller that meets all your gaming desires, or you want something that is budget friendly and still offers a great experience then say no more. With all that stated, I would be giving you some of the best controllers for Nintendo Switch. They include:

8BitDo Ultimate Controller

If you want to make a quick decision on which Nintendo Switch controller suits you, make it the 8BitDo ultimate. Between the quality of the build, feel, battery life, and more, this controller has everything you are looking for. The controller has a battery life of about 20 hours which is great for a marathon gaming session.

Plus, you would get a remappable button profile using the 8BitDo app and your controller becomes a ‘pro’ adjacent controller that is well worth the cash. The price tag on the controller is even better. At $69.99/ £59.99, the controller matches all the costs and it packs even more features. The control becomes pricier, considering the fact that it would be coming with its very own charging dock.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Another amazing controller on this list is Nintendo’s very own Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. This controller is a really great controller if over 40 hours of gaming interests you. At $69.99 / £59.99 the Nintendo Switch Pro controller matches the price of the 8BitDO ultimate Controller.

Although the controller lacks some features like a charging dock, rear buttons or supporting multiple profiles, its full support for NFC support covers up that point.

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controllers

When the Nintendo Switch was launched back in 2017, the Joy-con controllers were quite the concept. If handling a smaller controller is not an issue for you, then with these controllers, you would be getting two controllers for the price of one. The Joy-Con is an amazing choice when it comes to playing local multiplayer games.

The Joy-Cons come at $79.99 / £69.99, and this makes them costlier compared to the Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers. Throw in that the joy-con controllers lack the firm build quality of the Pro controller, and carry analog sticks that are prone to a drifting defect, then you might be a lot better off checking out some of the other options that is on this list.

Hori Split Pad Compact

Is the Hori Split Pad Compact an improvement over the Joy-Con? Well, in a lot of ways, yes. Hori’s controller is a bit wider, meaning that it would feel more comfortable on your hands. The controller also has a pair of back paddle buttons on each controller and a turbo assignment for rapid inputs.

When it comes to the price, the Hori Split Pad compact is cheaper than the Joy-Con coming at $49 / £39.99. This is really great as the compact is also more readily available compared to the Nintendo’s Joy-con controllers, which is usually sold out across most major retailers.

As Great as the Compact feels, it lacks some major Joy-Con Features. You would not be getting the Nintendo’s bespoke HD Rumble, nor does it have NFC support or even gyro aiming. Based on that fact, gyro-heavy games like Splatoon 3 and the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller

The PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller is a great controller. With just one look at the price, you would be convinced that this controller has so little to offer. The PowerA Enhanced Wired controller comes at $27.99 / £24.99. The Low Price alongside the multitude of fun Nintendo-Themed Designs, makes a PowerA Pads an excellent gift for younger gamers.

8BitDo Arcade Stick

8BitDo bookends our best Nintendo Switch controllers guide with its amazing superb arcade stick. A Prime choice if you would be downloading and playing the veritable wealth of fighting games that is available on the Nintendo eShop, From compilations like the Capcom Fighting collection to SNK cult classics like Garou: Mark of the Wolves.

Coming at At $90 / £82, this controller turns out to be the most expensive controller on this list, but it very well compliments the Nintendo’s console all thanks to its amazing retro finish and 8BitDo’s ever-reliable build quality. As well as playing fighting games, the controllers are great for playing the litany of retro titles available via Nintendo Switch online.

This controller also carries some high-quality buttons, button mapping and multi-profile support, even for its wireless connectivity. The controller supports Bluetooth, making it work like a wireless controller.

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