How to Create a Tesla Driver Profile

Are you interested in How to Create a Tesla Driver Profile? Tesla cars usually come stacked with tons of smattering features and next-generation functionality. Starting from the use of assistive autopilot driving to the intelligent charge settings that the car owners gets to take advantage of, with a Tesla, there are tons of things to like.

How to Create a Tesla Driver Profile

Tesla Driver Profile

A major part of Tesla features that nobody talks about is the Tesla Driver Profile. With this, Tesla owners get to customize a wide range of settings and functions in the vehicle in other to make a much better driving experience. Setting up a driver profile is not that complicated, and it can make the whole arc of your Tesla ownership to be more pleasant in navigation and EV usage.

The driver profile happens to be something that tons of new Tesla buyers set up when they are driving the car for the very first time. But whether you have gone through the steps to this or not, failing to make use of this feature fully is a major opportunity to take advantage of your Tesla’s full experience.

How to Create a Tesla Driver Profile

If you are driving the Tesla for the very first time, you would be guided through some basic setup functions. As a Standard with whatever car you would be taking out for a spin for the first time, you would want to adjust the side mirrors and rearview mirror, the steering wheel height and depth, and the positioning of the seat.

Well, all these adjustments you need to make are fed right into Tesla’s command center. According to Tesla reports this process couldn’t appear to be any easier. First, make the adjustment you need to make, then follow the prompt on your Tesla’s screen to save them as a codified driver profile.

Once you have saved these settings, believe it or not, that is all you need. Each time you return to the car, the car would automatically adjusts to these settings. Well, there is more. You get to customize your entertainment settings, air conditioning, route planning, and plenty more features that coordinate the driving experience of a Tesla.

If you fail to make use of your driver profile, there are a lot of things that you are missing out on. Adding a new driver profile to your Tesla is also very easy, just follow the steps below:

  • Tap on the driver icon located atop the touchscreen.
  • The tap “Driver Profile Settings
  • Then Add New Driver
  • After that, type the driver’s name and simply tap create a profile

Syncing Your Driver’s Profile with Keys and Other Tools

Instead of having to click through screens in other to set up a profile for your next ride, you can just sync these settings to your key. This is particularly important if there is more than one person driving the Tesla.

If through the week multiple people would be making use of the Tesla, it is most likely that several adjustments would be made to the car. So instead of having to always adjust the car manually, or wait for the side mirrors to reset to your preferred one at a time, the key can act as a catalyst for these maneuvers.

According to EveryTesla, a Model 3 can remember 19 linked keys, phones and key cards, and four key fobs across 10 driver profiles. This feature is amazing feature because it allows you to pair your smartphone, a key fob, key cards, and a key to your driver profile and the car itself. What this basically means is that even if you locked yourself out of the house, As long as you are in possession of a linked Phone or any number of other linked devices, you would be able to get in your car.

Usually, a person’s keycard usually lives in their bag, wallet, keychains, or personal kit, and the option for Tesla Linkage might be elsewhere in a person’s typical kit to leave the house. Well, according to EveryTesla, you will simply need to navigate to:

  • Controls
  • Locks, and then tap on the touch +icon to add an authentication device.
  • Then tap on the driver profile in other to associate the control device to a profile.


How do you Get Tesla to Recognize a Driver?

In other to set up a Tesla Profile for an additional driver, share your vehicle with them right from your mobile app and then navigate to security > Add Driver. Their Tesla Profile would pop up on the driver settings right after accepting the invitation from their Tesla Account.

How Many Drivers Can You Add on the Tesla App?

The Add a Driver feature in the Tesla allows you to add up to Five Drivers, without granting them access to your Tesla account. The individual being added would be sent a link using the method you chose. They would be required to create a Tesla Account and then download the Tesla App in order to be offered access.

What is Easy Entry on Tesla Driver Profile?

Any driver can make use of the Easy Entry settings that are associated it using their driver profile. When the Easy entry settings get associated with a driver profile, the steering wheel and the driver’s seat would automatically adjust when in part and the driver’s seat belt is unbuckled, enabling them to exit from the Model Y.

How do I Add Another Driver to my Tesla App?

Tesla has the option to allow others to drive it. In other to enable this, the owner makes use of the mobile app to generate an invitation link. Once the other driver gets registered with Tesla and accepted your invitation, they would have the same amount of control as you do.

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