How to Get Missing Apps Back on your iPhone

In this article, I would be giving you details on how to get apps back on your iPhone when they are nowhere to be found on the device. The information I would be giving you here is very effective on all iOS devices.

How to Get Missing Apps Back on your iPhone

How to Get Missing Apps Back on your iPhone

Below, I have covered some of the major reasons why iPhone apps would go missing from our mobile devices. some of these would be easily fixed, while some other would require a full phone reset to get back the apps. they steps includes:

How to Search for Missing Apps

It is not all the apps that appear to be missing are actually hidden or gone. First you need to make sure that apps are gone for real, and not just moved to another screen or even placed in a folder. Sometimes when iOS devices get upgraded, apps usually move to new folders. If you recently upgraded your operating system, you can try to search for the app that you are searching for making use of the built-in spotlight search tool.

If after making use of Spotlight, the app you are searching for does not turn on, check to see if the restrictions have been enabled in the settings app. The way you turn the, off depends on what version of iOS you are making use of.

Getting Deleted Apps Back

You might not be able to find your app simply because they have been deleted from your device. As of iOS 10, Apple allows you to delete some pre-installed apps. The earlier versions of iOS did not allow this feature. Well, All these deleted apps can be reinstalled back once again.

Restoring Apps After Jailbreaking

If your Phone has been jailbroken, there is a possibility that you have truly deleted some of the phone’s built-in apps. Well if that is the situation you are faced with, you would need to restore your phone to factory setting in order for you to get those apps back once again. This would take out the jailbreak, but if you must get the apps back, you would need to reset the device.

Why Does iPhone Apps Go Missing?

All iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch usually comes pre-loaded with a lot of apps that are useful from Apple, but sometimes those apps can disappear from your device. Well if that is the case, you might be wondering where the app went, Why it is no longer on your device, and what to do to get them back.

Some apps that usually face this problem include the App Store, Safari Web browser, iTunes Store App, Camera, Facetime, and plenty of others. There are tons of reasons why an apple would have disappeared. The thing is, it could have either been moved or deleted. Well. Most times, that is obvious, but, the less obvious fact is that “missing” apps might be on your device but have been hidden using iOS’s Restrictions feature.

Why Restrictions Might be Used to Hide Apps

As earlier stated, there are majorly two groups of people who make use of the Restrictions to hide apps: Parents and IT administrators. Parents make use of Restrictions to prevent their children from accessing app settings, or content that they want them to. The reason for this might be to keep them from accessing mature content or from exposing themselves to online predators via social networking or photo sharing.

Also, if your iOS device is given to you by your employer, apps might be missing due to settings that have been put in place by your company’s IT administrators. This might be put in place thanks to the corporate policies that concern the type of content you are allowed to access for reasons that have to do with security.


Why are Apps Missing from my iPhone?

Several reasons can turn out to be the cause of why apps disappear from your iPhone: Offload Unsaved apps is enabled. Automatically remove unused apps when iPhone storage is full. But you get to restore apps from the app store and get back the data at the same time.

How Do I Restore the Missing Apps on my iPhone?

First head to the home screen, then swipe left and right through all the home screen pages in other to get to the app library. Then tap on the search field located at the top of the screen, then enter the name of the app that you are searching for. Or scroll up and down and browse the alphabetical list.

Can I Restore my installed Apps?

You can restore your apps using Google Play Store. To do this tap the installed button. Select Not installed from the pop. With this, the Google Play Store will show you all the apps that you have downloaded previously, use the checkboxes along with the apps to select the ones that you would like to have installed.

What Happened to my Apps on iPhone?

If you cannot find an app on the home screen of your iPhone, the first place you should be checking out is the App Library. Every app available on your iOS device can be located in the App Library, even if you have taken them out from the home screen.

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