The Apple Watch Could Just Be the Next Great Game Boy Emulator

The Apple Watch could just be the next great Game Boy emulator. According to news currently making the rounds online, a Reddit user has reportedly given a sneak peek of a more perfect world with this.

The Apple Watch Game Boy Emulator

The Apple Watch Game Boy Emulator

Just days after staying up late playing Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow, I stumbled upon a video of the same game being played on what looked like an Apple Watch Ultra. This cosmic coincidence got me thinking: wouldn’t it be cool to have emulators on an Apple Watch for gaming?

Unfortunately, there aren’t any Apple Watch emulators available on the App Store yet, at least not that I’m aware of. The video I saw actually featured a $35 knock-off Apple Watch running Android, which has been the go-to platform for smartphone (and now smartwatch) emulation.

Apple Allowing Emulators on the App Store Worldwide

But here’s the exciting part: Apple recently surprised everyone by allowing emulators on the App Store worldwide. The updated app review guidelines don’t specify any particular operating system, so developers could potentially submit emulators for the Apple Watch.

General Take on the Idea

You might think this idea is a bit impractical, but who doesn’t love the idea of gaming on tiny hardware? I can’t help but imagine strapping a tiny screen to a controller and playing my favorite side-scrolling adventures.

Plus, there are some advantages over playing on an iPhone. The Apple Watch is lightweight, and you wouldn’t need to buy specialized controllers or deal with clip-on phone holders.

Sure, the screen is tiny, even if it matches the dimensions of a real Ultra. But Game Boy games tend to look great on small screens, so I wouldn’t mind giving it a try. While I might not go out of my way to buy a knock-off Apple Watch for this purpose, I’d definitely download a Game Boy emulator on my Series 9 if it became available.

It certainly seems more practical than attempting to play Genshin Impact on a smartwatch, as the same Redditor also tried, with rather clumsy results.



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