Best Apple Watch Games – How To Get Games on Apple Watch

Speaking of Best Apple Watch Games, they are an uncountable the number of the Best Apple Watch Game you can access right away. Just as games can be played on several electronic devices, so as they can on the Apple Watch.

Best Apple Watch Games

If you own an Apple Watch and want to involve in some mini gaming, then this is for you. Apple Watch hasn’t been thought of much, but there are countless of stuff you can do with it.

So, if you want to get gaming on your Apple Watch then read more on this article for the Best Apple Watch Games.

Best Apple Watch Games

Yes, it is true that not all users can get games on their Apple Watch. And that is why I will be teaching you How To Get Games on Your Apple Watch.

Then after we will get to discuss the 5 Best Apple Watch Games.

How to Get Games on Apple Watch

Downloading games on your Watch is the same as installing an app on your iPhone. After the installment of the game on your iPhone, you will find it directly on your watch in App Store.

Now, let’s get to the steps on How To Get Games on Apple Watch:

  • Open the App Store on your Apple Watch.
  • Search for the specific game. You can also enter the keyword “Apple Watch Games”.
  • Then tap on Get.
  • Double tap on the Side Button.
  • Based on your security settings, you may need to use your Apple ID to confirm the download.

And that’s all about it.

Are Apple Watch Games Free?

The answer is Yes and No. There are a lot of free games to play on your Apple Watch. And just like many other apps, some may have a one-time fee or an in-app purchase.

For the games with purchases, you can easily buy them since your card is connected already to your Apple ID.

Apple Watch Games

In this part of the article, I will be detailing both the free and purchase games.

Classic Snake Game – Classic Pack

This is a purchased game with a cost of $0.99. The classic game pack contains 20 mini games you can get on your Apple Watch, TV, iPhone, and iPad.

This pack includes also the famous snake game and minesweeper, maze man, brick breaker, sudoku, etc.

Challenge A Friend on Your Phone – Pong

This is a free game you can get right away. It is a multiplayer game that brings gaming on your Apple Watch to a new level.

To play with a friend, you just have to swipe up in the app platform and tap on versus. Then select the same option on your iPhone, and that’s it.

Play Golf Anywhere – Par 72 Golf Watch

Also, another free game you can play on your Apple Watch. This is surprisingly a perfect game for a small device like the watch.

It comes with amazing graphics that make the game more exciting.

Shoot Bubbles – Bubble Wars

Bubble Wars is a free game played by more than millions of users globally and it is so addictive. The bubbles in this game are pretty tiny. So, if you have a smaller Apple Watch like series 3, you can still play the game perfectly.

Text a Fictional Character: – KOMRAD

This game costs $1.99. You will have to select between different responses to see where the game leads you.



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