Zimbabwe Telecom Regulator Directs Starlink to Cease Services for Subscribers

Zimbabwe Telecom Regulator Directs Starlink to Cease Services for Subscribers – and what does this mean for users? Continue reading to learn more about this breaking news.

Starlink to Cease Services for Subscribers

Starlink to Cease Services for Subscribers

Starlink reportedly responds to Zimbabwe’s Regulatory Directive, disables roaming service. The device, Starlink, which is the satellite Internet provider operated by SpaceX, has complied with the directive from the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) to disable its roaming service for users in the country.

In an email sent to subscribers, Starlink acknowledged Zimbabwe as an “unauthorized territory” for its services, emphasizing the need for regulatory approval.

While Zimbabwe, along with South Africa and Botswana, has not officially approved Starlink’s broadband satellite Internet service, many residents have been using its roaming service by purchasing kits from neighboring countries where it is legal, such as Mozambique, Rwanda, Zambia, and Kenya.

However, Starlink clarified that the availability of its Mobile or Mobile Priority Services plans is subject to regulatory approval by host countries, as stated in its Terms of Service.

Starlink’s Commitment to Obtaining the Required Regulatory License from POTRAZ

Assuring individuals and businesses in Zimbabwe, Starlink expressed its commitment to obtaining the required regulatory license from POTRAZ to provide its kits and services within the country.

The company aims to launch in Zimbabwe in the third quarter of 2024, according to its coverage map. In the meantime, users have the option to temporarily pause their service and billing.

To support Starlink’s regulatory approval process in Zimbabwe, the satellite Internet provider encouraged users to appeal to POTRAZ through email or phone contact.

POTRAZ’s Warning Issued Three Months Ago

This development follows POTRAZ’s warning issued three months ago, indicating its intention to collaborate with law enforcement to crack down on individuals and businesses using, distributing, and advertising Starlink Internet services’ equipment in Zimbabwe.

Despite the ban, some users have resorted to creative tactics, such as disguising Starlink kits as everyday items, to continue using the service undetected.

Other African Countries Where Starlink Has Encountered Regulatory Challenges

Zimbabwe is not the only African country where Starlink has encountered regulatory challenges. In March 2024, the company also disabled roaming services in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in response to government requests.

Starlink’s Journey in Africa So Far

Starlink’s journey in Africa has been marked by regulatory hurdles and growing demand for reliable Internet connectivity. Despite facing challenges, Starlink has made significant strides in expanding its satellite Internet service across the continent.

However, navigating the diverse regulatory landscape in African countries has posed challenges, leading to instances of service disruptions and compliance issues. Nevertheless, Starlink remains committed to providing high-speed Internet access to underserved regions in Africa and continues to work towards overcoming regulatory barriers to its expansion efforts.


Starlink is shutting down its services in Zimbabwe due to regulatory restrictions imposed by the country’s telecom authority, POTRAZ. Despite the demand for its satellite Internet service, Starlink is compelled to comply with local regulations, which require official approval for its operations.

This move aims to ensure adherence to legal requirements and pave the way for potential future operations in Zimbabwe.



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