Best Medical Billing Services

What are the best medical billing services? When you hear of a medical billing company, what comes to your mind. Before selecting the best medical billing services, what does medical billing means?

A medical billing business is a service that doctors and hospitals use to outsource billing to patients and insurance businesses. This medical billing will process, submit, and audit billing claims as well as manage patient data entry and verify their insurance benefits.

Best Medical Billing Services

Medical billing includes succumbing claims to health insurance companies for the patient’s care. In modern healthcare, insurance payments are the key to maintaining a financially viable medical practice.

These services often handle the billing process with patients. Once the insurance company pays its portion of the bill, the RCM may offer a service where it bills the patient for the remaining balance.

Additionally, the best medical billing services also will help you avoid making mistakes in insurance claims and bill submission. Below are the top best medical billing services.

CareCloud Concierge – Best for a full-service solution


  • Very easy to use
  • Full RCM
  • User-friendly

The CareCloud Concierge is a fully managed revenue cycle management (RCM) which is suited to cover all your medical billing service needs. This service mixes a combination of intelligence, analytics, and a back-office team to ensure a smooth and successful payment process and less stress for you and your employees.

CareCloud is another provider that seems to have got a lot right in their approach to EHR and PM, and their billing solution is no different. They keep things simple and easily manageable with a very user-friendly interface. Of course, it also integrates with their EHR software and patient portal software. Even better is that pricing is very competitive and you pay only for the service that you use.


CareCloud Concierge – Best for a full-service solution


  • Multiple advanced features for large practices
  • Handles all aspects of billing
  • Will manage patient account collections for you
  • Once you figure out how to use it efficiently, this is an impressive service

Cerner is a great billing service for handling complex billing needs. It is a way more than a small practice needs, but hospitals and large organizations will appreciate a system that is robust enough to adapt to their needs.

Cerner is super good for handling the entirety of the billing process from start to finish, that is once you learn the ropes. Plus, resubmissions of denied claims and account collection from patients.


Human Medical


  • Come with highly flexible service
  • Grips all aspects of the claim generation process, including coding
  • Great for smaller practices
  • Very good customer service

The human medical billing service is an amazing choice if you are looking for a personalized, custom service. It does not offer other types of software, so it is a nice choice for practices that already have EMR and practice management software in place and do not want to change vendors.

The medical billing solutions free providers from unnecessary billing tedium and also provide various support services so that patient relationships are safeguarded at every step of the billing cycle.




  • Geared toward both general practices and speciality providers
  • Works with small practices with no minimum monthly guarantee
  • Will handle the claims submission process from start to finish
  • Offers a high percentage of success on the first pass of insurance claims

The DrChrono medical billing services offer a full-service system. They also operate with EMR, practice management, and billing service that is perfect for smaller practices.

Keep in mind, that you cannot be a DrChrono customer for medical billing services unless you also use its EMR software package.




  • Extremely easy to use
  • Designed to help your in-house service
  • Shorter than average minimum contract length
  • The price point is a bit below average

The AthenaCollector medical billing service helps your staff handle the majority of the billing process with guidance.

Additionally, it is very easy to use and designed to help you with in-house service. This service only has a 90-day minimum contract, you can try this RCM service to see if it fits your needs without a major commitment.


Other Medical Billing Services to Check out

You can also consider these services as part of an integrated medical software suite from many providers.

Ultra-Billing by American Medical Software

The ultra-billing by American offers a solution as part of its range of medical software platforms. They can also work as a standalone or else in conjunction with other software AMS. Learn more here

Consumer Directed Billing Services

The consumer-directed billing service is another platform to consider by InSync. Another major medical software offer aims to provide accurate and on-time reimbursement. Visit their website here.


The Kareo is meant for the smaller medical practice that won’t need the full and complex suite of tools that the biggest companies need. They also provide a wide range of medical software. See the Website here.

Things to Consider when Choosing Best Medical Billing Services

There are some things to consider before shopping for the best medical billing service. Below are some of them:

The Worth

Price is a significant discriminator among RCM services. So, you need to consider it before buying. You will be charging a percentage of the revenue they run through the billing process. Around 6% is average, but some RCMs charge as much as 9% or 10%.

The RCM may charge you additional fees for extra features, such as the total number of claims you file per month and the number of different insurers you use.

The Contract

The medical billing service likely will want you to agree to some sort of contract length before it takes on your practice as a client.

A minimum contract length will be one year, but you often find billers that want you to sign up for a two- or three-year contract.

The Guarantees on Coding

If you find a low-priced medical billing service, it may be because the service expects you to take care of the initial coding on insurance claims. Using proper coding is a significant part of filing insurance claims properly, and incorrect coding leads to rejected claims.

If your practice struggles with making coding errors, you may want to find a medical billing service that handles all of the codings for you.

Managing Denials

When choosing the best medical billing service, figure out how RCM handles claims that the insurance company denies.

Some services will not resubmit a claim if the mistake occurred on your end, not without charging you an additional fee.

Work with your Software system

For the flattest possible integration of your billing needs, look for an RCM that is able to connect with your EMR system.

If the medical billing service can pull the essential data straight from your system, this will reduce errors in submitting claims.

Privacy Guarantees

It is vital that any medical billing service is able to follow all HIPAA rules and guidelines. As the service will be handling sensitive patient data, it must have a process in place to guarantee the safety of the information.

Consider the Customer Support

Make sure the medical billing service you select allows you to contact it using the method you prefer, whether that is through email, telephone, or live messaging.



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