MTN Expands Mobile Money Remittance Network Across Africa

MTN has significantly enhanced its Mobile Money (MoMo) fintech offering by expanding its remittance network across Africa. This expansion, spanning 10 countries and adding 25 new wallet corridors, underscores MTN’s commitment to facilitating cross-border financial transactions and empowering migrant communities.

MTN Expands Mobile Money Remittance Network Across Africa
MTN Expands Mobile Money Remittance Network Across Africa

Enhanced Remittance Network

MTN’s latest initiative increases its total remittance network to 200 million wallets across 24 African countries.

According to Kagiso Mothibi, GM for fintech products and services at MTN South Africa, the expansion benefits migrant communities in South Africa, particularly those sending money to Mozambique, Malawi, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Newly Enabled Corridors:

  • The 25 new wallet corridors include links between South Africa and countries such as the DRC, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique, and Tanzania, among others.
  • This initiative aims to streamline remittance transactions and provide convenient, secure financial services to users.

Outbound Remittance Functionality:

  • Currently, payments originate in South Africa and flow only outbound to other African countries due to the absence of inbound functionality.
  • MTN plans to introduce inbound remittance functionality by the end of 2024 to address the remaining 10% of transactions.

Partnerships and Interoperability

MTN has collaborated with prominent fintech platform operators like Orange, Tigo, M-Pesa, and Airtel to facilitate wallet-to-wallet transactions.

The initiative also supports wallet-to-cash functionality, enhancing accessibility and flexibility for users.

Market Dynamics and Pricing

Historically neglected by the formal financial sector, the remittance market in Africa is witnessing increased attention from telecom companies like MTN and Vodacom.

MTN South Africa has introduced the remittance functionality at a charge of 4% per transaction, with immediate clearance of transfers.

Economic Impact and Empowerment:

  • MTN’s expansion of MoMo services aims to drive economic empowerment and financial resilience within African communities.
  • By facilitating cross-border transactions, MTN seeks to enable individuals to support their families and contribute to economic development across borders.

MTN’s expansion of its Mobile Money remittance network represents a significant step towards enhancing financial inclusion and connectivity across Africa. Through strategic partnerships and innovative solutions, MTN aims to empower migrant communities and foster greater economic resilience in the region.

As the remittance market continues to evolve, initiatives like MTN’s MoMo platform play a crucial role in driving financial empowerment and prosperity across the continent.



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