Tanzania Launches Tanzanite Portal to Help Improve Regulatory Processes 

Tanzania launches Tanzanite Portal to help improve regulatory processes. With this new portal, Tanzanians would find regulatory processes much easier. Continue reading to find out more about everything we know so far.

Tanzania Launches Tanzanite Portal

Tanzania Launches Tanzanite Portal

The Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) has introduced the Tanzanite Portal system, an innovative step towards enhancing operational efficiency and fostering a more transparent and accessible user experience in the realm of communication services.

Jabiri Bakari, the TCRA Director General, highlighted that the Tanzanite Portal is set to revolutionize the registration process for communication products and services. This online platform is designed to simplify and speed up various administrative processes, including fee payments, the management of customer-regulator feedback, and Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures.

Benefits and Advantages of the New Portal

One of the significant advancements offered by the Tanzanite Portal is its role in facilitating the issuance of communication licenses across a wide range of subsector categories, such as telecommunications, postal services, internet, and broadcasting. This move allows individuals and businesses to apply for licenses without the need to physically visit TCRA offices, streamlining the entire application process.

The Portal Introduces A USSD Code

In an effort to empower individuals with communication licenses and the general public, the portal introduces a USSD code *150*52# that enables users to verify the legitimacy of communication service providers directly from their phones. This feature provides a robust mechanism for users to guard against unapproved service providers.

The Portal’s Crucial Role in the Efficient Planning, Allocation, and Monitoring Of Postal Codes

Moreover, Bakari underscored the portal’s crucial role in the efficient planning, allocation, and monitoring of postal codes for residential addresses. By facilitating streamlined interactions and ensuring prompt responses, the Tanzanite Portal enhances customer feedback management and provides licensed service providers with access to essential regulatory information, marking a significant milestone in the TCRA’s efforts to improve the communication sector’s regulatory framework.



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